Daddy Hunt 01

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Chris Roma Pantheon Productions 100 minutes
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Reviewed by   01/20/07 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Although I?m not in the market for a daddy, I wouldn?t mind topping a twink or two.
Young pony-hung Tommy Deluca and cute boy-next-door Tony Bishop however are in the market for a daddy and they find one in Jay Taylor. I would guess Jay to be in his forties. He has sliver hair at his temples and is quite nice looking. He?s the only ?daddy? here I would consider going to bed with. The boys encounter him on the street and go into Jay?s backyard where they get naked on a blanket. I think maybe the boys get more than they bargained for because Jay is hung. This guy has a cock and a half. The boys go at it like hungry pups. But it?s Tony that gets fucked with it. And at this point Tommy becomes a third wheel. The fucking stops for some more fellatio but then Tony?s right back getting banged.
I?m happy to say this is a hot scene. I?m sorry to say it?s the only one that is really is.

Next up is a daddy hunting online for a twink. The daddy is Jake Mitchell, who has no hair on his head but plenty on his face and body. He also has a bit of a belly. He?s the typical daddy bear. The young guy he contacts online is a young Brazilian, Rico Furtado, who has a lengthy uncut cock. There is no fucking when Rico comes over?just cocksucking.

Tony Bishop is back for scene three, but this time he?s not found a daddy; he's found a grandpa. This skinny bald dude with a white goatee (think a slender Colonel Sanders) manages with the aid of a cock ring to penetrate Tony?s sweet well-used butt.

Rico returns for scene four. Vulcan has arranged for his partner Ross Wilson to get it on with the young guy while Vulcan watches and jacks off. I really can?t remember any details of this scene?that?s just how unmemorable it was.

In scene five Charles Rod puts his rod in Gramps. (I don't know how he got it up for that.)

Then to conclude the film Tommy Deluca gets it on with daddy-bear Jake. (You can see them on the cover). I am surprised when Tommy lets Jake fuck him. I also find it strange in films when the guy with the biggest dick (in this case Tommy) doesn?t top.

Whether you?re an elderly guy longing to get it on with a chicken or a twink looking for a daddy (sugar or otherwise) this film is certain to fuel those fantasies.