Soldier's Ball 02

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Dink Flamingo Active Duty 90 minutes
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Reviewed by   09/03/07 Source: AdultDVDTalk

If your fantasy is to see straight guys suck cock and take it up the ass for the first time, the Active Duty films are for you. This one (subtitled Bareback Promenade) starts off with Cole, the studio?s favorite performer, lying on the bed with Ty. Cole?cute and knows it?is wearing an ?as seen on TV? t-shirt and shorts. Ty is totally naked with shaved pits and crotch.
After the usual a bit of aimless and silly chatter between the performers and the cameraman/director (the fast-forward on your remote comes in hand for these films) Cole gets naked too. After a bit more yakking Cole leans over and initiates the cocksucking.
The cocksucking goes on for a good while and then Cole fucks Ty doggy-style. He sits on Cole?s cock and gets fucked that way, too.
It was a rather so-so scene.

It?s the second scene that makes this one worth a gander. Hayden, a young sailor from Virginia is lying on the bed. He is told to take out his dick. It is hard and big. Matt and Cole soon join him. (This must have been filmed sometime after the first scene because Cole has passed out of twink status into handsome young man. I wouldn?t have recognized him without being told.)
When all are naked Matt leans over Cole to go down on Hayden?s admirable upright prick amd Cole gives suck to Matt. As the action progresses, Hayden is soon sucking away on the cocks of the other two. He seems to be really relishing them as his own cock remains upright and as hard as steel. At times he tries to get both dicks in his mouth at once. This kid is a great cocksucker.
As Hayden continues to suck Cole?s hefty member, Matt first rims Cole and then eats out the young sailor?s ass preparatory to Cole fucking it.
It?s quite believable that this is the first time Hayden is ever fucked for as we watch Cole?s cock slowly inserted into Hayden?s ass we hear: ?Wait, wait, stop, stop.? ?Relax? ?Wait!? ?Just relax.?
We cut to Cole on his back and Hayden sitting astride Cole?s cock. In this position Hayden is able to control the depth of insertion as he raises himself up and down on the intrusive member while sucking Matt?s proffered dick. (This was so hot I lost it at this point.) Finally, Hayden lowers himself until Cole?s entire cock has disappeared up his butt.
?Your turn bitch!? the now triumphant Hayden says to Matt.
I don?t believe Matt to be the virgin Hayden was as Hayden?s cock enters Matt?s ass with comparative ease. Changing into the missionary position, Hayden plows into Matt while Cole sits on Matt?s face. Cole then stands to enable Hayden to suck his rampant dick. As Hayden sucks Cole and fucks Matt, he grabs hold of Matt?s cock and jacks it.
Cole takes over fucking Matt, causing Matt to climax. Hayden jacks off onto Matt?s face and Cole withdraws to spill his seed.

If you desire a change from polished studio sex and want to see straight guys turn gay some of these films can deliver an unrehearsed hot scene. This one does.