Battle Creek Breakdown

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Joe Gage Titan Media 143 minutes
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Reviewed by   09/18/10 Source: AdultDVDTalk

In a brief prologue we see plumbers Will Parker and David Dakota whose car has broken down. (Hence the title BATTLE CREEK BREAK DOWN) Their skills not extending to cars, the two start off on foot.

We cut then to the first of the scintillating sexcapades that make up this cock-stiffening film. J R Matthews has arrived at the Battle Creek Lodge and is surprised to find a naked Tony Buff behind the reception desk. Learning that he has arrived at not just a ?clothing optional? facility, but a ?clothing prohibited? one, J R is undecided what to do, but Tony convinces him that this place is just what J R needs to wind down.
The next time we see J R is from the back as he strolls naked through the woods. (What an ass on this guy!) Soon we are treated to a frontal view. (What a front on this guy! What pectorals! What a cock!) J R?s tantalizing cock is getting hard and leading the way as he comes upon Tony Buff attempting to fix an outdoor water heater as the plumbers have not arrived. Tony is only wearing boots and a tool belt. Underneath that belt Tony?s cock is as hard as J R?s and mine. J R is a mite embarrassed by his twitching cock, but Tony puts him at ease by showing J R that his dick is just as hard, poking out from under the tool belt.
Tony seductively coaxes J R into playing with himself and soon the two are slowing stroking their individual cocks. (Seeing these two side-by-side, the word ?buff? appears to apply to the wrong guy.) Tony also encourages J R to play with his own asshole. Tony has such a convincing patter that he could probably talk a tea party member into a jackoff session.
J R?s release is a veritable gusher. It?s as though he hasn?t cum in months. (We are treated to their eruptions three times.)

[In the Blu-ray version Tony leads J R in a lengthy woodland piss before they begin round two.]

J R leans over the leaking water heater and Tony?s tongue finds its way into that enticing ass. Tony?s tongue soon has J R moaning in ecstasy so he is not reluctant when Tony reaches into his discarded tool belt for a condom and the tongue is replaced with a thick dick. Tony ruts away and J R is loving every minute of it. Tony withdraws only to lie back on the ground, his cock still hard and ready. J R wastes no time sitting down on the vertical cock. J R?s cock is every bit as hard and upstanding as the cock on which he rides. Tony reaches around to momentarily stroke J R?s organ. J R dismounts and Tony does what I would have done long ago?suck on J R?s pec and dick. This is only a brief respite however, before J R lies back for Tony to fuck him in the missionary position. Tony?s cock enters hard-free into the well-fucked hole, fucking the cum right out of the rapacious bottom. J R has certainly found the place wherein to lose his stress.

Our peripatetic plumbers now provide a link to the second scene as they discuss the fact that they might get a job on a TV show called Homeowner?s Rehab?. This takes us to a blessedly brief and incomprehensible scene with a husband and wife whose home is to be redone that should have been cut before we settle down with Christopher Saint and Gio Forte for the film?s second scene.
Before getting to work Gio has to piss. Boss Christopher Saint tells him to save time and piss in a bucket. Both haul out their dicks and fill the appointed bucket with piss. Naturally they sneak peeks at one another?s leaking tools.
Before long Gio is dropping his trousers and Christopher is dropping to his knees.
I am turned off rather than turned on by bald, bearded daddy bears like Gio, but Joe Gage usually has something for everyone in his films. Christopher is not unattractive, but nothing to write home about either.
After Chris sucks Gio?s cock, Gio sucks Christopher?s uncut one.
After Gio fucks Christopher, Christopher fucks Gio.
An epilogue shows the man and his wife whose home was being remodeled standing their looking towards the camera and saying, ?Wow!? (not something I would say about it all). This epilogue should have been cut along with the prologue. I plan to cut the entire scene in future viewings.

We are now back on track (or I should say trek) with our perambulating plumbers, Will Parker and David Dakota. Getting warm and knowing that clothing is prohibited at the lodge they decide to strip down now. Parker lets fly with a steady stream of piss. Having thus relieved themselves the boys move on to relieve themselves in another way. Banging their stiff cocks together in simulated sword fighting soon has Will getting down on his knees.
?What you want me to do?? he asks looking up at Dakota.
?Suck it like last time,? is the reply. Will does.
David then returns the favor giving Will?s cock a long and loving wet oral massage. Not able to prolong things more, both jack off.
?You know the drill,? David says to Will.
Will bends over, offering his ass to his co-worker and David proceeds to drill indeed. (One of the great things about this film is that director gage always shows the cocks entering the asses to begin the fuck.)
?I want some of that,? Will says after a while.
?Fuck me?? David inquires.
Will now puts on a condom. As he lubes up his condom-clad cock, David lubes his ass and lays back for the anal assault. The fuck is captured in a neat overhead shot that is quite surprising in an outdoor fuck.
?I know what you want,? Will says as he pulls out of David?s ass. Reaching into his tool bag he takes out a thick black dildo. After screwing this into David?s ass, he grabs hold of David?s rampant dick and strokes it to climax. Will then creams on David. These plumbers sure know how to plumb.

It?s nighttime at the lodge and a costume party is underway. Bryan Slater and Dean Flynn come out onto the balcony. Slater is dressed as Zorro and Flynn as a superhero with a large G on his chest. After commenting on how odd it is to see someone in clothes much less in costumes at this resort they engage in playful banter with double entendres on the word ?hard?.
Stripping stark naked they piss over the balcony railing before turning their attention to one another. Slater is bearded with a tight muscular build. Flynn is downright handsome. His torso lightly covered with hair. He is my favorite of the current Titan team and one of the lusts of my life. Slater can?t resist him either and falls to his knees. When it is Flynn?s turn to go down on Slater he takes Slater?s cock all the way until Flynn?s nose is buried in Slater?s pubic hair. This prolonged sucking and Dean?s stroking of his own cock soon has the handsome stud spewing a load onto the balcony floor.
?Stop!? Slater urges. ?I?m going to come.?
Soon he too has dropped a load.
Recovered and ready for more Slater gets on all fours and Dean slides his cock into the proffered hole.
After giving Slater?s ass a thorough reaming, Dean has Slater lie on his back. Slater?s cock is standing straight up in the air. Dean puts a condom on the rigid pole and lubes it up. He then stands astride Slater?s recumbent form.
?Want me to go down?? he asks.
?Yeah,? Slater replies breathlessly.
?All the way to the balls??
Dean sinks down onto the fleshy pylon. It?s a squirming ride that both me seen to enjoy. Dean then gets in position for Bryan to continue the fuck doggy-style. A mutual masturbating concludes the scene. This is followed by a cute surprise.
The last thing we see are the two naked plumbers now in the dark still on their way to the lodge.

This is an enjoyable film. There is one weak scene that deviates from the setting and seems out of place in every way, but the other three sizzle. The performers deliver their dialogue convincingly. Production values and videography are up to Titan usual high standards. Special mention must be made of the music that is excellent and adds much to the scenes. See it.

NOTE: Pissing scenes are only on the Blu-ray version.