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Reviewed by   05/31/09 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Triage is the allocation of treatment for patients who need emergency care. A title that sounds imposing, but really isn?t apropos for this film. One of the performers referred to the film as Genital Hospital that seems to me to be a better and more inviting title.

Paul Wilde, who has served as videographer on Titian films, takes over the director?s chair for this one. The same move made years earlier by his mentor Brian Mills. Wilde has definitely absorbed the Titan characteristics and has even come up with some new ideas of his own. Triage is an unforgettable film and an astonishing debut.

When the film opens Dr. Dirk Jager is checking out some X-rays when he decides that some XXX-action with his orderly Marco Blaze would be more in order. Grabbing the hunky orderly Dirk kisses him. Shirts come off and muscular chests are licked before Marco drops down to examine the doctor?s penis. He swallows down the stiff, lengthy, uncut cock until his chin is resting against Dirk?s balls. Marco?s own cock is free, and the thick uncut meat is throbbing in excitement. Dirk can barely get his lips around it when his turn comes.
Marco bends over the examination table. Dirk condoms-up and slides his cock in effortlessly. Marco?s cock remains rock hard as Dirk plunders his ass.
At his point Rick van Sant and Frank Philipp enter the examining room and stop short when they see what is taking place. Turned on by the action they start getting it on with one another. Franks drops down to take Rick?s thin downward turning cock in his mouth. Rick takes a turn on Frank?s dick.
Marco turns over onto his back in order for Dirk to fuck him in the missionary position. This brings Rick and Frank over to the examining table and they too take turns boffing Marco?s willing ass until Marco is covered in cum.

Janitor Gio Forte is mopping the floor. He shows his displeasure with the task by stopping to piss in the scrub bucket (not, I trust, the usual hospital procedure). As Gio is masturbating Dr. Kurt Weber enters and decides to give him a helping hand and mouth. After they have jacked off, they engage in a flip-flop fuck. (This is the film?s weakest scene with neither guy being the stuff that dreams are made on and the sex being rather perfunctory.)

Things get very kinky for the following scene when Marco Blaze helps Frank Philipp insert a saline drip into the loose skin of his testicles causing them to puff up like a soccer ball. Marco is turned on, and frees his lovely thick cock that pulsates as Frank?s balls begin to swell.
When Frank finally removes the saline drip, Rick van Sant appears clad only in a hospital gown, which he quickly removes. Marco is already naked. Rick sits in a chair and he and Frank proceed to insert steel rods?6 to 8 inches in length?into their urethras. They insert the rods all the way. Frank?s goes in and out several times with just the tip being visible when it?s all in the way in. At one point Rick?s inserted rod disappears completely and one fears it may require a quick trip to an emergency room, but by applying pressure to the base of his dick he gets the rod to slowly emerge from hiding. Frank then inserts not one, but two of the rods into his penis. (If you?ve ever had a catheter inserted into your penis, you will probably not respond well to these shenanigans.)
Following this, Rick lies back to get fisted. Does anyone enjoy getting fisted more than Rick van Sant? Frank puts on pants. (Why? Why would he want to hide those swollen balls?) He also puts on black rubber gloves. First the left and then the right hand alternate in their invasion of Rick?s anal aperture. Marco sucks Rick?s prick while this is taking place. When Frank is tired, Marco takes over?again with the same alternating fist routine. Rick gets up from the table with Marco?s fist still embedded in his ass and goes over to squat in a chair for the fisting to continue. Frank?s enlarged balls are once again on display and Rick sucks Frank?s cock while Marco?s fist is still punching his ass.
When Frank once again takes over fisting duty, Rick has turned around in the chair. With Frank?s fist firmly embedded in his ass, Rick pounds his dick furiously and soon sprays out a load. Marco and Frank add their semen to the collection.

Sexy Bryan Slater is just finishing up lunch in the break room as scene four begins. He gives a come-hither look to internist Charly Diaz who doesn?t hesitate. Although Charly is still flaccid at this stage, Bryan?s impressive cock is ready and Charly drops down to partake of the turgid flesh. Bryan removes his shirt to reveal a slender bod with washboard abs. Charly is now hard and Bryan?s mouth soon has it even harder before Bryan bends over to get rimmed.
Their pleasurable sounds soon waken Daniel Holden who has been flaked out on a cot nearby and he decides to join in the fun. Charly sucks them both. Daniel next takes over, sucking both; and then sits down on Charly?s face while continuing to chow down on Bryan?s succulent meat. All cum.
The activity continues with Bryan getting up onto the table. On his knees, Bryan presents his cock once again to Daniel while Charly fucks Daniel?s ass. Bryan then gets off the table only to lie back on it and present his ass to Daniel for a fucking. Daniel drives his cock in the proffered ass and Charly reinserts his dick into Daniel, sucking on Bryan?s toes as he does so.
It would have been disappointing if the stud with the biggest cock didn?t top. Therefore Daniel and Bryan change places so Bryan can fuck his fucker. Believe me, it doesn?t disappoint. Charly gets yet another turn at Daniel before they all cum again to conclude this very hot scene.

For the final scene the film?s two handsomest guys are wisely paired together. They are Colton Steele and Tony Buff. Old daddy bears with bulging bellies turn me off, but young slender cubs turn me on something fierce. Colton is such a cub, with chest hair so thick it can best be described as fur; and his cock protrudes from a veritable thicket of black hair. Tony is a nice-looking stud and is?as his name infers?buff. They are emergency squad members packing up their bag when Colton starts to clown around by wrapping a bandage around Tony. In no time at all, shirts are off and Colton is on his knees with Tony?s cock in his throat.
?Good, boy,? Tony says encouragingly.
The scene began traditionally enough but after they have cum, the scene takes on a decidedly kinky bent. (Although what follows on the Blu-ray or director?s Extended Edit either needs a different word or at the very least redefines the word kinky.) Inspired by Colton?s play with the bandage earlier, Tony wraps Colton in bandages from head to toe, plastering his arms against his sides, and then hoists him up onto the gurney. Next he cuts out a hole in order to remove Colton?s cock and balls. He affixes a leather ring to the balls, which attaches them to a bucket hanging at the end of the gurney. Then, get this, folks, he proceeds to insert a catheter in Colton?s prick. (If you thought the rods in scene three made you squirm wait until you see this!) Colton winces in pain, but bravely submits. Once the catheter is in place, Tony inserts some liquid thorough a syringe and seals it off. When he is ready, Tony unseals the catheter and piss travels through a plastic tube and drains into the bucket. Tony adds his own piss to the bucket in order to further increase the pressure on Colton?s balls.
When the catheter is removed with a quick pull (just as they do in the hospital) Tony cuts away the bandages and thanks Colton with a kiss.
Now standing naked by the gurney, Tony rims Colton?s hairy hole?inserting his tongue before inserting his manly dick.
?OH, fuck!? Colton exclaims. (Yes, Colton, that is what he is doing.)
Following this passionate doggy-fuck, Colton gets up onto the gurney. Tony climbs up too and they fuck sidesaddle and missionary. Colton is the second to cum. (I was the first.) Tony is quick to follow.
A quick kiss and we are all off to the shower as the film ends.

There is a frustratingly brief behind the scenes and an interesting interview with Colton Steele and Tony Buff about their bizarre scene in the bonus section along with the usual cumshot review.

As stated at the beginning of this review Triage is an unforgettable and unique film. I?and I am sure all viewers?will look forward to more films from this talented and imaginative director.