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Brian Mills Titan Media 150 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/21/09 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Many years ago there was a film called THE YELLOW ROLLS ROYCE that pops up from time to time on Turner Classic Movies. It follows the car of the title as it goes from owner to owner. Somehow I thought of this film when viewing this Titan feature. One of the stories in the earlier movie always causes a tingle in my gonads as it features a young and very beautiful Alain Delon. Overdrive however goes way beyond just tingling to cause major eruptions.

As the film opens, Dean Flynn (one of the handsomest men in porn) is cruising around in a snazzy convertible. He stops at the beach for a different kind of cruising and spots sexy Max Schutler strolling along the sands.
It?s lust at first sight, and the two immediately head off in Dean?s snazzy convertible. Driving to a secluded spot, Dean gets into the back seat and orders Max to stand up, turn around, and drop his trousers. Dean then swallows Max?s delectable stiff shaft right down to the balls. It is a long and loving blowjob.
Max willingly returns the favor, deep-throating Dean?s admirable appendage.
They get out of the car so that Max can have access Dean?s ass, driving his tongue between those muscular cheeks. It is Max, however, who gets fucked. It?s a hot opener that concludes with both jacking off.
When Dean goes into the woods to piss, Max gets the keys from Dean?s pants and drives off in the snazzy convertible.

Max drops the car off for a wash with Dirk Jager. Dirk order Marco Blaze to do the job. But Marco shows who is really the boss when Dirk drops to his knees for a rough face fucking, gagging from Marco?s manly endowment. Marco is one gorgeous stud and it would be surprising only if one did not fall on their knees before him. As Dirk begins licking Marco?s pendulous balls, Fran?ois Sagat?the muscular hunk with the tattooed hair?decides to horn in. Soon these three are taking turns on their knees sucking the others? cocks. Marco cums and the other two unload onto him.
[In the Director?s Extended Edit and on the Blu-ray version this is followed by Fran?ois and Dirk pissing on the kneeling Marco.]
With bossman Dirk?s departure, Marco and Fran?ois start horsing around with the hose and are soon soaking wet. The fun turns lustful as Marco rims and fucks Fran?ois over the trunk of the car.
The two muscle hunks then head over to a picnic table where Marco learns what it is like to be the recipient of Fran?ois? sizeable prick. Marco seems to delight in the chunky tool reaming his guts as his own cock remains rock hard throughout the proceedings. Fran?ois sends forth a thick wad of cum over the well-fucked Marco. If manly muscle hunks getting it on is your delight, this coupling leaves nothing to be desired. (Both of these hunks grace the DVD cover.)

Faster than a speeding car! No it?s not Superman, it?s a road worker played by Coby Mitchell who gets out the way just in time to keep from being run over by Max in the convertible as it races by.
Arthur Gordon and Scott Alexander rush to his aid. They help him up and show concern when Coby complains of his back. They get Coby to remove his shirt and see nothing wrong, but see a great deal right. Turned on by the muscular display, the others remove their shirts. Kisses ensue and soon Coby is on his knees enjoying Arthur?s uncut meat. Scott climbs up on a stump and feeds his ebony rod to Arthur. Before long Arthur?s chest is streaked with strands of Scott?s cum; whereupon Arthur unloads onto the still kneeling Coby.
Arthur and Scott then take an interest in Coby?s ass. Bending the muscular bald stud over, Arthur eats out his ass. Coby goes down on Scott. In short order Coby is filled with cock from both ends. Arthur and Scott change positions. Now Arthur?s cock is in Coby?s mouth and Scott?s is in Coby?s ass as Arthur and Scott share a kiss.
Scott then moves over to lie on a large wooden spool and Coby goes over and lowers himself onto Scott?s upright cock. Arthur gets up onto the spool and sits down on Scott?s face; then stands to once more feed Coby his cock.
They change positions. Coby gets on his back on the stool and Arthur proceeds to fuck him in the missionary position. Scott?s unsatisfied cock is jerking with anticipation. Unable to contain it, he lathers Arthur?s ass with his tongue and then drives in his restless cock. Arthur accepts being Lucky Pierre. This vigorous fuck ends with Arthur spewing onto Coby?s belly, Scott unloading onto Arthur?s ass, and Coby bringing himself off.
This ends the first disc, giving the actors and the viewer a well-needed time to recover.

As the second disc opens we find a naked Dean Flynn on a scavenger hunt for some clothes. He arrives at a cabin where there are garments hanging on a clothesline. There is also a garden hose with a shower attachment so the hot and sweaty Dean treats himself to a shower. Great eye-candy as this handsome hunk wets himself down. (Nicely photographed, too) After this, Dean grabs a towel from the line and is drying off when the cabin door opens and Victor Steele emerges with a rifle. Seeing this naked hunk in his yard, Victor does what we would do. He puts the gun down, crosses over to the naked hunk, and goes down on the naked hunk. He holds onto Dean?s balls as he does so. (Now that?s what I call hospitality!)
Dean is not averse to sampling Victor?s turgid tool either, and is soon burying his nose in Victor?s pubic bush.
They cross over to a picnic table (I must get one of these in my yard) where Dean is rimmed and reamed. After getting fucked bent over, Dean lies back on the picnic table to get fucked in the missionary position. Victor plows into him hard and deep.
Then it?s Victor?s turn to lie back and get fucked. We watch as Dean?s dick skewers into Victor?s brown rosebud and begins fucking.
?I have something for you,? Victor informs Dean after both have been thoroughly drained.
Crossing over to the clothesline Victor removes a pair of jeans that he hands to the naked Dean. Dean accepts the gift and heads off into the woods.

Meanwhile back at the convertible, Max picks up his friend Rick van Sant and takes him for a ride. Arriving at a secluded locale they get out of the car so that Max can go down on Rick?s unique penis. It?s long and curves downward?sort of like an inverted rhino horn?just the shape to go easily down the throat of a kneeling cocksucker. After Max has gotten Rick thoroughly worked up, Rick goes down on the sweet uncut protuberance of the attractive Max.
A hunky park ranger (Chris Thomas) has been enjoying these proceedings and decides he wants to partake of the sexy youth?s oral skills. Max is more than willing to oblige. Chris rips open his uniform shirt to reveal a beautiful torso. Before long he shoots his load and leaves the other two to carry on.
Max bends over the hood of the car. Rick licks his asscrack and drives in his arcing cock. Max then lies back on the hood for the fuck to continue and cums with Rick still pounding his prostate. Rick cums too.
[In the Director?s Extended Edit and on the Blu-ray version, Rick now lies back on the car for Max to fist him. Max puts on a pair of black gloves, lubes them up, and soon has both hands going in and out of Rick?s seemingly elastic ass with ease.
?Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me with your arm!? Rick yells in ecstasy.
Rick gets on his hands and knees for the fisting to continue; then returns to lying on his back. This time Max inserts not just his fist, but his entire arm up to the elbow. Both guys sport raging hardons. Rick cums with Max quick fisting him and Max also shoots, bringing himself off with his right hand with his left hand still embedded in Rick?s ass. Thus concludes one of the wildest fisting scenes you can ever hope to see.]

Once again Brian Mills and his top-notch production team has created a film that maintains the high standard we have come to expect of this director and this studio. The Titan regulars especially Dean Flynn, Marco Blaze, Fran?ois Sagat, and the adorable Max Schulter are outstanding (or should that be ?upstanding??) while Chris Thomas and Victor Steele are comparative newcomers at the studio that I hope we shall see more of there.

The Bonus section contains a very brief behind the scenes, a less than thrilling photo shoot, an extended softcore version of Marco?s and Fran?ois? shower play, and a cumshot review.

[N.B. Watersports and fisting sequences are only in the Director?s Extended Edit and in the Blu-ray version of the film.]