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Brian Mills Titan Media 180 minutes
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Reviewed by   05/31/08 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Sexy Braxton Bond finds a video camera at a garage sale. Finding a film of hot action in the camera, he determines to put the camera to the same use.

The film that Braxton finds in the camera is an unbelievably scintillating threesome with Frank Philipp, Vin Costes and Geoffrey Paine. It takes place in a dungeon and begins with the bearded hunk Frank Philipp filming the other two. Vin is bald and muscular. Geoffrey has a light beard, pierced nipples and a back covered in tattoos. As the action between the two escalates, Frank abandons filming and joins in, starting by grabbing hold of Vin?s stiff dick and then going down on same. Vin meanwhile is polishing Geoffrey?s knob.
Frank then releases his own straining too for Geoffrey to give it a lick. Then climbs on Vin and feeds the stiff organ to him. Geoffrey takes over on Vin?s cock. Frank moves around to slap Geoffrey?s ass and dive in head first. He then moves around to feed Vin his dick once more. Geoffrey picks up the camera and films Frank sitting on Vin?s face. Frank binds Vin?s wrists at which point Vin pisses on himself. Frank bends over to taste it and fill his mouth; then drops the warm liquid in Vin?s mouth.
A rope is placed around Vin?s neck and cock and tied behind his back. Frank jacks Vin?s hard cock. Vin is pushed to his knees and Geoffrey pisses on him. He then feeds Vin his dripping cock and gets him to lick his boots. Geoffrey kneels to suck Vin?s ever-hard cock and also gives suck to Frank?s.
Vin is released from bondage and now films Frank and Geoffrey going at it. Their play culminates in both putting on black gloves and lubricating metal sounding rods which they insert in their penises. (Ouch!) This goes on for some time. Vin puts down the camera goes over to lick on Frank?s cock with the metal rod in place. The rod comes out followed by a torrent of piss. Vin holds their cocks as both Frank and Geoffrey piss on each other. The three of them now jerk off.
(Now and then we cut away to see Braxton viewing all of this on camera. He has now taken out his hard cock and is stroking it.)
Frank is now in a sling. Geoffrey fucks him. He drives his cock in hard and deep. Vin now takes his turn in Frank?s ass, pulling his cock all the way out and then thrusting in back in. Geoffrey pisses on Frank. This stimulates Frank to piss on himself.
The handsome Geoffrey is now placed in the sling and gets reamed by Vin?s dick.
?Fucker!? Geoffrey yells as Vin does in withdrawal and insertion technique, driving into Geoffrey?s ass with renewed vigor.
When Vin withdraws completely, Geoffrey lets fly with a torrent of piss.
Frank now takes his turn in the stud?s ass.
The fucking over everyone jacks off again. Geoffrey is covered in cum yet manages to piss on Frank.
This unbelievably kinky scene lasted over an hour. How time flies when you?re having fun.

Braxton sets up his camera on a tripod and strips, planning to film himself taking an outdoor shower. He lets fly with a tremendous arcing stream of piss; then starts stroking his dick. The ultra sexy Dillon Buck is working nearby and hearing the shower decides to take a look. Peering through the wooden slats he sees Braxton spanking the money. He makes his presence known; and, as Braxton keeps stroking, strips off to join him. After a quick kiss, Dillon also feels the need to piss, wetting his hairy chest.
When the fountain dies down, they kiss again and Braxton drops down to suck Dillon?s hard uncut dick, taking the massive organ all the way to the pubes. Braxton is reluctant to give up this lengthy feast, but Dillon wants to partake of Braxton?s turgid tool. From this sucking and a few strokes of his hand Dillon?s hirsute chest is soon covered in Braxton?s cum. He stands up and?as they kiss?unloads onto Braxton.
They leave the shower (and unfortunately now have on ugly boots). There is a ladder leaning against an apple tree. Braxton ascends the ladder and Dillon eats out his ass and fucks him. It finishes up on a blanket on the ground with Braxton first riding Dillon?s dick and then getting fucked missionary.
These two look great together and it?s a good scene. Their coupling ends the first disc of this two disc set.

It?s night when Disc Two begins. Braxton camera in hand comes across Titan?s flavor of the year Fran?ois Sagat sitting on the steps drinking beer. Braxton cajoles him into performing for the camera. At Braxton?s urging Fran?ois is soon out of his clothes, his big uncut cock anticipating getting it with the scruffy blond stud. Not one to disappoint, Braxton abandons the camera and swallows down Fran?ois? swollen dick. Having now gotten used to the weird hair tattooed on his bald head, I?m beginning to understand Fran?ois? charms. He?s built like the proverbial brick shithouse, the chest is nicely haired, and uncut cock is fat and luscious. He gives oral attention to Braxton?s long, thin, arcing cock.
They jack off, give one another golden showers, and go inside.
The next morning sees them reappearing from the cabin, naked except for wearing those god-damn black clodhoppers. What the hell does director Brian Mill?s or his costumer have against feet?
After kissing, Braxton presents his ass to Fran?ois for rimming and a fuck. The standing fuck changes into a missionary fuck with Braxton lying on the deck and finishes up doggy style.

At this point Braxton vanishes from the film. Fran?ois now has the camera, but there is no Braxton nor any explanation as to where he?s gone or why he would leave his camera behind. Perhaps Fran?ois killed him and buried him under the deck. Now I know you might say, ?What do you want a fuck film or something with a plot?? Well, it?s nice to have both. And if you are going to pretend to have a plot then it should carry through logically. This pretends. This is illogical.

As I said, Braxton is gone. The camera remains. Slender but wiry Darius Falke is shown the camera and asks to borrow it. He gets permission and then shows his thanks by giving Fran?ois a blow job. Fran?ois returns the favor. He then gets up onto a picnic table for Darius to eat him out and fuck him. (Darius has a great cock!) Turnabout?s fair play and with Darius now on his back on the picnic table Fran?ois fucks him. (Need I mention they are still wearing ugly shoes?)

Camera in hand Darius comes up a sleeping camper?Ludovic Canot?sets up the camera on a tripod and wakes the slender sleeping young French stud with a kiss. Seemingly unaware that this is being captured for posterity, Ludovic fishes out Darius dick and takes the firm flesh in his mouth. After a bit, Ludovic strips off and they sixty-nine.
Ludovic has a long uncut cock and a very thick pubic bush which is nice to see after all the trimmed pubes in porn. He returns to sucking Darius as his own cock pokes up like a rhino?s horn. He holds onto Darius? balls and deep-throats the lengthy rod. Darius then returns to sucking and spitting on Ludovic?s luscious prick until the young stud shoots. Ludovic kneels to receive Darius? cum-load.
It?s time to fuck and bending Ludovic over a woodpile and preparing the ass with his tongue, Darius does just that. They finish up my favorite position?missionary?where Darius fucks the cum right out of young Ludovic.

Bonuses include a Behind the Scenes, an Additional Scene (more with the already lengthy threesome that opened the film) It was wisely cut. There are also the cum shots revisited. Missing was my favorite: the photo sessions.
There are problems with the plot as in falls apart half-way thorough and the hottest?and kinkiest?scene is the first one making it hard to top things after that and, of course, the film doesn?t. Still the guys are great to look at and paired well together, the sex is good throughout. As always with Titan the videography is exceptional (no one does it better) and productions values are high. They also know how to present their models. For example, I just reviewed Braxton in another film and found him scruffy and unattractive. Here, Titan has made him (still a bit scruffy) but sexy and desirable.
Titan has once again produced an exceptional film. Now if they would just get rid of those clunky shoes.

Watersports and the sounding sequence (this last may make some viewers squeamish) are only to be found in the director?s expanded edit.