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Brian Mills Titan Media 180 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/25/06 Source: AdultDVDTalk

After his phenomenal success with BIRTH OF A NATION around 90 years ago, D.W. Griffith produced a film called INTOLERANCE that had four separate plots that it jumped around among. It was a colossal failure. Now Titan has produced FOLSOM FILTH, a film with three separate plots unified only by the theme of S & M. While not by any means a failure, it is not an unqualified success either. The problem is the same as with the Griffith film?we become discombobulated when the different plots pop up willy-nilly.
The first?and I would say main plot?is the abduction of Patrick O?Connor and his transformation into a sex slave.
The second plot (if one can call either of the other two plots in the true sense) consists of the masters Diesel Washington and Brendan Davies putting their slaves Alex Baresi and Lee Heyford through their paces.
The third plot contains assorted scenes that finally by using some of the same performers sort of joins the second plot. It?s all-confusing. BUT?and it?s a very big but?the parts are better than the whole.

It took me days to get through all the action. Here it is in brief:

Scene 1 ? Patrick O?Connor cruises Vin Nolan in a bar. Lured outside by Vin, Patrick is abducted by Steve Trevor, Vin, and Steve?s ?dogboy? Derek da Silva. He is carried kicking and screaming into what look like a deserted warehouse and chained to a chair.

Scene 2 ? Hunky Alex Baresi and Lee Heyford are slaves of Diesel Washington and Brendan Davies. We first see the slaves covered in latex and looking like the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Freed from their latex prisons they serve their masters by sucking their cocks and getting golden showers from them. They are then the recipients of the masters? cum.

Scene 3 ? We are back now with Patrick and his captors. Patrick is so scared his pisses his pants. Derek cuts away Patrick?s shirt with a knife. Clamps are put on the captive?s nipples and he's made to suck cock.
A metal mouth-stretcher is put on him so that his mouth stays open for Steve?s piss stream. After the three have cum on him, they unchain him; strip him naked; and lead him away.

Scene 4 ? Returning to the former latex slaves, Lee is bound to a suspended bar while Alex gets cocks from both ends by Diesel and Brendan. It?s then Lee?s turn.

Scene 5 ? Introduces us to an entirely new group: Fran?ois Sagat, RJ, Darius Falke, and Damien Crosse (the latter being a handsome hunk). There?s a lot of cocksucking going on.

Scene 6 ? Patrick?s ordeal continues. He?s rimmed, pummeled, and fucked. Then he?s led away for??

Scene 7 ? Lee and Alex and dragged up to a sort of altar where Alex is fist-fucked by Diesel. Brendan drives a large black dildo up Lee?s ass as Diesel feeds him from the other end. Brendan then fist-fucks Lee. (Why is it I find dildoing much more uplifting than fisting?) Alex crawls up onto the altar so that he is in the 69 position with Lee and these two slaves now fist-fuck each other.

Scene 8 ? Hey?it?s Fran?ois and the boys again! This time RJ is thrown face down in a sling for Damien to eat his ass while Darius sucks Fran?ois?s dick. Fran?oise takes over and fucks RJ while Damien and Darius get it on with one another. RJ cums while being fucked.
Fran?ois then gets in the sling and RJ drills his ass with his forked tongue. (Remember this snake-tongued guy from CIRQUE NOIR?) This lubes Sagat up so that Damien and Darius can fuck him. They do.

Scene 9 ? Titan?s exclusive Tober Brandt makes a late appearance with Diesel?s slave, hunky hirsute Alex Baresi (who could serve and service me anytime). Tober is covered with rubber gear and resembles The Creature from the Black Lagoon except for the pierced cock sticking out. For some reason that I cannot fathom, Darius watches from afar as Alex sucks Tober off. Tober then kneels to suck off Alex.
After Alex has cum, he fills Tober?s mouth with piss. This gets really raunchy with Tober sucking up the spilled piss from the floor to douse Alex?s cock and ass.
Alex is then put in the sling. A metal clamp spreads open his anus which Tober first eats out and then pisses into.

Scene 10- Remember the dogboy Derek da Silva? Well, I didn?t at first since it was so long ago we had seen him. Well, he now has a scene. He?s all bound up in rope. Steve Trevor slaps his cock and beats his balls with his fists (ouch!). Derek is then hoisted up into the air, jacked of, and fed his own cum.

Scene 11 ? Continues scene 9 so why the fuck didn?t it follow it? Tober inserts a big dildo into Alex?s ass. (Darius is still over there playing with himself.) Tober then puts a penis pump on Alex?s anus to pump up the lips. (Now that?s something I bet you?ve never seen before!) Alex is fisted and then fucked by Tober?s much smaller cock. All cum (including Darius).

Scene 12 ? Remember Patrick? Remember when he was led away? Well, now his hands are affixed to a suspension bar and burly Joe G whips him. If you?ve read my reviews that talk about whipping, you will recall that I call American S & M "sissy S & M" since the whipping is so fake. Well here in FOLSOM FILTH is a flagellation that would make even Mel Gibson wince. It graduates from the silly Egyptian fly shooers that are used in the typical whipping scenes to a cracking bullwhip until welts and streaks of blood cover Patrick?s back. I?m sure the guy wasn?t really hurt, but the illusion is terrific.
Afterwards Patrick is revived on a meal of cock. Lain across the altar, he is fucked with a huge dildo. Steve gets an even bigger dildo and the willing Patrick lowers himself onto this gigantic post. (You just wait; this kid is going to take a fist in his next film.)
Steve?s abduction and the film ends with Steve now dressed as the dogboy being led down the street on a leash by his master.

I found this film to be irritating, awesome, boring, exciting, fragmented, impressive?in other words an uneven mass of contradictions. It was as though Titan had three incomplete films lying around and decided to throw them all together. I do think that if they had separated the scenes into three short films I would have liked it a whole lot more. Of course we can program it ourselves, but we shouldn?t have to. Yet as I said earlier, the parts are greater than the whole and there are scenes here that no other American S & M film can match.

Note: Fisting and pissing are only in the Director?s extended version available directly from Titan and a few distributors. It?s the one to get.

There is a two-hour Bonus disc that contains the following:

Fetish scenes: Big Dildo on Alex and Lee; CBT & Suspension; extended flogging (if you can bear it); Additional fisting in the Tober-Alex encounter; a human toilet where someone who looks like the creature in Aliens is pissed on and gathers urine in a funnel that leads to his mouth; Sagat getting stretched by a penis pump; Sagat getting an electric dildo up his butt. Included also are the usual Behind the Scenes; as well as Cumshots, Fisting, and Watersport Compilations.

With FOLSOM FILTH Brian Mills and guys from Titan have outdone themselves.