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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Max Sohl Treasure Island Media 137 minutes
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Reviewed by   08/27/06 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Treasure Island?s MEAT PACKING covers several days of wild down-and-dirty sexual activity on Fire Island. You name it. They do it.

DAY 1-

Treasure Island?s resident slut pig Dawson is discovered?not surprisingly?sucking on Brad McGuire?s cock. It?s soon in his ass (bareback, of course). In T.I. tradition, Brad pulls out to cum and then shove his still cummy cock back up Dawson?s greedy hole. When Brad pulls it out this time, Dawson sucks any remaining cum from the cock. Brad then inserts a tube connected to a funnel up Dawson?s butt and pisses in the funnel filling Dawson?s ass with piss. Two others (Austin Shadow and Tom McCarthy) come along to piss on Dawson?s face and back until there is a piss puddle resting in the small of Dawson?s back Brad then inserts his penis to piss directly into Dawson?s rectum.

IN THE MEAT RACK #1 ? We find Tom McCarthy fucking Kirk Nadir as Matt Walker feeds Kirk cock. Matt then has a turn at Kirk?s ass before Tom takes over once again to cum deep inside Kirk?s keester.

BY THE SHOWER ? Tom is getting head from Dawson as Austin eats out Dawson?s ass. He is the first to fuck Dawson. After that, he and Tom alternate.

With such horny sex pigs around there are even bouts of unplanned romps such as we have in IMPROMPTU FUCK #1. (We are told there was a while before the guys knew they were being filmed.) As Pat Jackson dangles his feet in the water and fondles himself, Austin is fucking Jerek as both stand in the water. They clamber out and the real fun begins. Jerek gives head to Austin as Pat goes down on Jerek. Jerek is a slender handsome sex machine whom Pat and Austin double-fuck with ease.

DAY 2 ?

Dawson begins by pissing on himself and then becomes a human toilet for Brad, Austin, and Tom?drinking down their piss.

IMPROMPTU FUCK #2 ? Austin and Dawson (who else?). Brad joins them, and he and Austin engage Dawson in a double-fuck. Before the scene is over, Dawson has also gone for a ride on Tom. (It must be dangerous for Dawson to sit on barstools.)

IN THE MEAT RACK #2 - It?s Jerek and Brad. Seth Scott arrives to joint the fun. With Jerek in between, Seth and Brad alternate ends. They cum on Jerek?s now gaping hole and drive the cum deep in Jerek?s bowels. Jerek hungrily sucks Brad?s cock clean.

DAY 3 ?

Handsome porn star Andy Hunter who was vacationing on the island asked to be in a bareback scene. The producers readily obliged. Andy fucks the attractive Josh Buchanan, who takes all of Andy?s lengthy dick. It?s a fine fuck! The only startling thing for me was at the conclusion when Josh exploded a heavy load on Andy?s chin, licked it off, and administered a very cummy kiss to Andy.

But there?s more.

ON THE DECK we find Matt Walker fucking the ever-amenable Dawson. Pat is there too. As in the other scenes this is excellently photographed with great close-ups of bare dicks going into ready holes. Pat has his turn at Dawson, pulls out, cums, and reinserts. Then it?s Matt?s turn again. Afterward, Pat eats out Dawson?s protein enriched bunghole.

BIG FINISH ? Dawson and Jerek are on hands and knees. Austin is behind Dawson and Brad is behind Jerek. Cocks go in. The others arrive until the full cast is assembled. Dawson gets Austin?s load, but Jerek gets everyone?s?including Dawson?s!

EXTRAS: Immediately following the final scene we find the cast in the pool. Dawson and the others are joking about Jerek getting more than him.


PISSING ON JEREK. Brad and Seth have the honors. (This seems to have once been part of Meat Rack #2)

BY THE STAIRS. Seth and Tom fuck Pat. It?s a weak scene and worthy of deletion.

MEAT PACKING is perhaps the best film I have seen from this studio. It is hot, startling, and unique. If you like your sex rough and raw, you can?t do better.