Tony's Big Brother

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Chi Chi LaRue Mustang 70 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/16/08 Source: AdultDVDTalk

As the plane carrying Tony?s big brother Nick arrives at the airport, Tony (Max Holden) is getting it on with pal Randy Mixer. The analingus that Max performs on Randy is done with relish. Randy then fucks him.

The arrival on Nick (Michael Chads) sends Tony into a panic, as he doesn?t want his brother to know he?s gay. But Randy recognizes Nick as someone he has tricked with and wastes no time in calling his friend Ty Russell with the hot news.

Ty summons his fuck-buddy Ross Atkins from the pool to tell him and they go at it hot and hard?especially hard. As Atkins reclines in the poolside lounge chair, Ty squats over his face and rubs his butthole back and for the over Ross? tongue. After thus lubing him up, Ross fucks him. Ross then impales himself on Ty?s pommel horn and h rides horsy.

Following their fuck, Ty telephones another friend, Alex Thomas. He asks Alex to get into Tony?s house and leave a note setting up an orgy where big brother Nick will find it. Alex does so and swipes a pair of Nick?s jockey shorts in the process.
When Alex returns to his sleeping lover Shawn Justin, Alex not only fucks him but shoves the underwear up his ass. (If shaven pubes turn you on, you?ll love this scene as both Alex and Shawn has hairless crotches.)

Max arrives at the club for the party, but finds the place deserted. He is not to be outdone however and taking a large dildo from his tote bag he sucks on it and eventually shoves it up his rectum.
While he is thus engaged in this activity, brother Nick arrives for the set-up orgy and discovers his brother. Brother Nick takes over shoving the dildo up Tony and after some mutual fellatio, Nick fucks his little brother. (Incest! Incest!)
Tony jacks off onto Nick and then eats his cum off Nick?s chest and abdomen.

Nick confesses to Tony that he has been drummed out of the military for being gay. Tony tells him that perhaps the current discussions going on in the country about gays in the military will lead to Nick?s reinstatement. Nick hopes so.

This film appeared on VHS in the early years of the Clinton presidency when he promised to allow gays in the military and then sold us out with the "don't ask, don't tell" compromise along with his promised health care. There might have been this political compromise, but there are no compromises in this film directed by Chi Chi. The sex is performed with no inhibitions and plenty of passion. Closely cropped or completely shaven crotches add to the eroticism. And for those who find analingus to be favorite item on the menu, the film is an absolute must.