Tales From The Foxhole

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  Channel 1 Releasing 102 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/25/02 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Director: Dirk Yates
Starring: Lane Fuller, Lee Lyons, Bryce London, Haus Weston, Matt Bandero, Lee Johnson and
Billy Herrington
Running time: One hour, thirty-nine minutes

The marines have landed, and they?re ready for action. Hot, sweaty, jungle-love type action. For those of us with an affinity towards macho men, in and out of uniform, TALES FROM THE FOXHOLE delivers the goods. Director Dirk Yates has recruited a few good men, and created a near classic film from a very good script that takes the viewer from the war-games jungle of a...

Reviewed by   06/29/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The Details

  • Title: Tales from the Foxhole
  • Studio: All Worlds Video
  • Producer(s): Dirk Yates & Dan Cross
  • Director(s): Dirk Yates
  • Story: Mike Donner & Dirk Yates
  • Videographer(s): James Stark
  • Editor(s): Stark Visual Images
  • Cast: Lane Fuller, Leo Lyons, Bryce London, Haus Weston, Matt Bandero, Lee Johnson & Billy Herrington (as the DI)
  • Date of Production: 1999
  • Running Time: 1:41:58 hh:mm:ss (scenes: 1:04, 20:47, 26:44, 29:14 & 24:07, respectively)
  • Menus & Chapters: Standard, minimal menu with 4 chapters (skipping the introduction)
  • Extras: Standard, automated, mediocre-quality slide show
  • Packaging: Lane Fuller is featured on the cover. The reverse cover contains a montage of images from the video.

The Story

Lane Fuller & Leo Lyons are two soldiers in full camouflage, spending a cold, stormy night out in the woods on patrol. Idle chat quickly turns to who got what when with the expected result.

  1. Campfire Tales – I was SO drunk last night . . . (Leo Lyons & Bryce London) — Str8 boy Lyons admits to having been so drunk and so horny once (only once, mind you) right after boot camp that things between him & buddy Bryce London got out of hand, um, er, make that well in hand – but, 'Hell no, I ain't no fag!' The seduction scene works pretty well, beginning with some unconscious teasing, progressing tentatively from furtive gropes to some pretty serious sixty-nine and ending with mutual jack-offs. Been there, done that. And would do it again in a heartbeat.
  2. No Wonder the Corps was Upset (Lane Fuller & Haus Weston) — Fuller recounts a tale he "heard" about where two Army buddies got paid to jack off in front of a camera for some guy named 'Dirk Yates' and, so he heard, things got pretty wild. A first hand 'heard' if ever I heard one. It appears that Fuller is busy recruiting his fellow recruits for friend Yates' budding porno business. What starts out as a tepid, solo screen test of Haus Weston heats up considerably when Weston asks if Fuller can join him. The two go at each other as if they are both in heat, taking turns topping each other orally and anally. What I wouldn't give to have been meat in their sandwich!
  3. Why Aren't My Dreams This Good? (the entire cast with the exception of Weston) — With thunder rolling and lightning flashing, Fuller volunteers to take the first watch so that Lyons can get some shut-eye. Needless to say, Lyons' rest is disturbed by nightmares of a barracks orgy instigated by DI Billy Herrington on catching Fuller and cute twink Matt Bandero spanking their monkeys after lights out. Herrington orders the recruits to stand at attention while Fuller and Bandero pay particular attention to his own personal needs. The action spreads down the line (Lyons, Lee Johnson & London) and soon all are being serviced in turn by Fuller or Bandero. Herrington splits Fuller's ass cheeks but otherwise, the action is entirely oral, ending with a massive circle jerk and everyone decorating the DI's cover with their cum. This scene had its moments; however, it was the weakest of the four comprising the video.
  4. Boys will be Boys (Leo Lyons & Lane Fuller) — Morning brings the sun to chase away the storm clouds and torrents of rain that have plagued our hapless soldiers during the night. With the sun's warmth as inspiration, they peel out of wet clothes and the conversation again turns to sex. What begins as a need to take care of the morning's piss-hard ('I won't watch,' – 'No, it's okay if you watch – it's kind of a turn-on, you watching me jerk off') progresses to service and then full-blown participation with Lyons finally offering his ass to Fuller's expert seduction. Fuller plows Lyons' ass and then Lyons returns the favor. Hot bodies. Hot language. And hot sex! I particularly liked that Fuller kept his briefs on while servicing Lyons' cock and ass – it made the str8-boy seduction seem all the more real.

What I Liked — Uniforms! High & tights! Clean-cut, down-&-dirty soldier boys! (Uncle Sam trains those boys to take orders so well – even in porno video fantasy land.) And some pretty hot sex. While I could easily punch the story full of holes, it was just believable enough to hold together for my own personal military fantasy. Isn't that what porno is all about?

What I Disliked — Somehow, Herrington is just not convincing as the DI. I think the part could have been better cast. Neither are twinks, Bandero and Johnson, believable as recruits, but, at least in Bandero's case, he's cute enough that I really don't care. He can crawl in the rack with me any time he wants. The dialogue is pretty lame in places as is its delivery by several of the actors; but who really cares? I didn't buy this video to listen to them talk.

DVD Quality — Mostly pretty good. There were a couple of places where color balance was a minor problem and in some of the low-light scenes, it got a tad grainy but that's expected. DVD quality has to be bad to the point of distracting me from my mission for it to become a factor. Sound quality was fine and the background score didn't interfere with the action of the mood.

Overall Thoughts — I enjoyed this video. I haven't seen many of Dirk Yates' efforts; but of those I have seen, this is the best. For all its flaws, its fantasy premise is near and dear to my heart — make that my libido. This video is a keeper.

~ GaySatyr – 06/29/01