Sailor In Sydney, A

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Kristen Bjorn Kristen Bjorn 85 minutes
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Reviewed by   04/19/03 Source: AdultDVDTalk

I saw most of the Bjorn films when they were on VHS, but a few of them?such as this one?escaped my attention. This was the first film in Bjorn?s Australian Trilogy, which may be why it doesn?t equal the other two (Manly Beach being my favorite). However, even if this isn?t major Bjorn, it?s still a fine film and one that Bjorn fans will be glad to find on DVD.

It links to the earlier Brazilian films by having Arturo Ramirez, a Brazilian sailor, arrive in Sydney. (Oh, you have a dirty mind, it?s a place.) Skip Simmons, a cute fuzzy bloke that Bjorn tells us in his book slept with a teddy ...