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Reviewed by   02/06/06 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Except for one scene which presents honest-to-god incest this is pretty much Treasure Island Video doing its usual thing. Namely getting some guys who are fearless and foolish and letting them get fucked bareback by scads of strangers.

The first insatiable bottom is Kirk Nadir, thin bald with pierced nipples, belly, and cock. When we meet him he is having his ass eaten out by Javier a young Latino with his long hair braided in a pigtail. Cut to Kirk riding Javier?s cock. The next fucker, Ruben D?Angelo awaits his turn, his cock at the ready. Ruben plows Kirk with such vigor that the anus becomes so loose that when Ruben?s cock pops out it goes back in with no hands. Javier then returns to fucking and eventually Kirk is double-fucked. After that they team-fuck him. Javier pulls his spurting cock out to show he?s cumming and then shoves it back up Kirk?s hole.
?I?m breeding you,? he tells the well-used bottom.
Ruben comes by jacking off. Javier?s fist is up his ass to add encouragement.

The next bottom is discovered on the bed. He is Nate Ford. He?s young and has a nice Prince Albert. Two masked men enter his body from both ends. ?Red? appears in the doorway and watches. The masking man fucking Nate cums and shoves his cock back up Nate?s butt. Red is now naked. Nate sucks him. (Love orange pubes.) Red enters Nate doggy. The other masked man has a go.
It?s thirty minutes later we are told. Kurt Kaiser?s huge cock is up and ready for Nate?s dripping ass. Good close-ups here when Kurt fucks him missionary. As they all do he cums and then puts his cock back in. This causes Nate to ejaculate. Kurt licks up Nate?s sperm.

The third bottom, Brad Stevens, is the cutest. Young and hirsute, he?s a real sex pig, hoping to take on a dozen or more. We see him plowed by four who really ream out his ass.

It?s Scene Four that stands out. It features two brothers. Ken and Johnny Carlo. We are told that Ken pimps for his younger brother. The brothers are very attractive. Both sport tattoos and Johnny has a nice penis piercing. Marco Dominic a young Puerto Rican is brought in to fuck Johnny. It goes on for much too long. But then the scene explodes. Ken begins by eating out his younger brothers ass. Then he fucks him. This was startling enough, but even more so when young Johnny topped his older brother inserting his cock?Prince Albert and all?up his elder brother?s shitchute.

The fifth scene consists of excerpts from a three-hour marathon where Dixon Scott and Robby Lopez offered up their asses to all and sundry in what is billed as Bandon?s Weekend Sex Party. None of the participants are attractive in this montage.

There are two additional fuck scenes as a bonus; the first of these is nothing to write about. However, in the second, Little Joe positively reeks of sex. He?s very handsome with a nicely haired chest. He?s paired with the hugely hung Kurt Kaiser, and seeing Kurt?s great cock going into the handsome Joe is definitely penis stiffening. This bonus scene with Little Joe is certainly a bonanza, but it?s the incestuous Carlo brothers who steal the limelight in this one.