Legendary Studs: Best of Jesse O'Toole (Disc 1)

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Paul Morris Treasure Island Media  
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Reviewed by   09/20/08 Source: AdultDVDTalk

If you like a stud with lots of tattoos then Jesse O?Toole is the guy for you. If you don?t, well that?s something of a pity because Jesse really knows how to fuck. (Gentle, he ain?t.) This two-disc film features performances from Treasure Island studios spread over a five-year period demonstrating Jesse?s skill as a top.

It begins with a scene from PLOWED, Jesse?s first appearance. The recipient of Jesse?s cock is an actor known only as Mick. After a vigorous screwing, Jesse starts to shoot and the re-buries his spurting organ in Mick?s ass.

The second entry is from BREEDING MIKE O?NEILL and pairs Jesse with Erich Lange. Erich is not stranger to bareback sex and big dicks as he was in some pre-condom films with the likes of Jeff Stryker. It?s a rip-roaring encounter and ends with Erich guzzling cum.

The third scene is also from BREEDING MIKE O?NEILL and has butch topman Tom Shannon losing his on-camera anal virginity.

Jesse plows another butch guy in the scene that follows: Jacob Scott. The scene is from PLANTIN? SEED. As the film?s title suggests, it concludes with Jesse planting his seed deep into Jacob.

After seeing Jesse with two versatile tops we next find him with Treasure Island biggest bottom slut-Dawson. The film is CUMSLOPPY BUTTHOLES. At one point Dawson takes control of the action by riding Jesse?s cock, but Jesse soon regains control and makes Dawson a very happy fucker.

The first disc ends with another scene from the preceding film. This time Jesse has Sean Storm on the receiving end. Sean who has gone on to found his own barebacking studio is probably the best bottom since Joey Stefano. He gives Jesse a workout. It was a good thing the first disc ended here, as this was the scene where I lost it.

Jesse has to share topman status on the second disc. Here we have group scenes and gangbang where Jesse is but one of the ass-pounding participants.

It begins with a scene from RIDING BILLY WILD, continues with two more scenes from PLANTIN? SEED, another installment from CUMSLOPPY BUTTHOLES wherein Sean Storm reappears and he and Jesse are joined by Rod Fulton and Zak Raven (Rob is a sexy thing. His much older real life lover Zak is not. Jesse fucks Rob which must delight him; as Sean is stuck with Zak, he?s probably not delighted).

The film ends with Jerek?s gangbang from PLANTIN? SEED 2. Jerek is slender, attractive, and very sexy. He probably should join David Duchovny with treatment for sex addition. (Though why anyone would want to be cured, beats me.)

If you have the films from which these scenes were taken you probably won?t want this one. But if you don?t, then the film makes not only an introduction for Jesse O?Toole, it provides a good introduction to the films of this studio as well.
[This film is also listed as THE BEST OF JESSE O'TOOLE.]