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Brian Mills Titan Media 180 minutes
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Reviewed by   10/27/07 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Director Brian Mills has outdone himself in the follow-up to his Folsom Leather. Here is an S & N film that is unique. Gone are the silly lashings with that stupid whip that resembles an Egyptian flyshooer that one finds in most S & M films. Instead we have some new and uniquely kinky things that should not be tried at home. Bondage, watersports, and fisting abound (these last two only in the director?s extended edit) along with some things you have never seen before.

The film opens with two hikers (Dean Flynn and Fran?ois Sagat being given wrong directions. But we have to wait to find out what happens to them until near the end of this five-hour feature. The hot action begins with Tober Brandt and Tony Buff hunting down a fleeing Derek Da Silva. Brandt with his pierced cock and ferocious looks is a Titan regular. Buff, a newcomer to Titan, has chosen a nom de porn that describes him.
Tackling Derek they tie his arms behind his back. Tober face-fucks him so viciously that Derek gags on the pierced cock. Tober cums on the captive while the latter is engaged in sucking Tony. After taking turns fucking him, they cum and piss on their captive (some of Tony?s piss goes directly into Derek?s mouth).
But they are not through with Derek. He is now bound and suspended upside down over a vat of water where he is not only lowered in and out of the icy water while gasping for breath, but also pummeled and pissed on as well. (Derek?s balls are a favorite target for Tony?s fists.) Tony rewards Derek by giving him a hand job that cascades down into Derek?s own mouth.

In scene two hunky Dirk Jagger observes campers Rick van Sant and Lars Svenson as they finish setting up their tent and set off on a hike. Rick stops to piss. A veritable torrent streams from his uncut cock. Dirk approaches. He shoves Rick onto his knees. Rick willing sucks Dirk?s hard cock. Rick gives Lars head as well.
After all have cum; Dirk takes them back to a shed. A naked Rick is placed on a table. Dirk rims and then proceeds to fuck the sexy stud. Lars also has a go fucking Rick. Then Lars gets up onto the table and presents his ass for Rick to fuck. Dirk also takes a turn fucking the handsome blond. Rick comes back for seconds in Lars?s ass. Lars is covered in everyone?s cock cream.
In the director?s edit, Rick now lies back on the table while Lars puts on black rubber gloves, lubes them up, and?as Rick sucks on Dirk?s rampant dick?Lars insinuates first one hand and then the other up Rick?s accommodating ass. Dirk then leads Rick over to some suspended ropes. Rick gets into them exposing his ass for the now black-gloved Dirk who proceeds to punch his fists up Rick?s gaping anus.
Finally Rick is released in order to return to the table and jack off with Dirk?s fist once more deeply embedded in his ass.

In another part of the forest Brody Newport tells his buddies Diesel Washington and C J Madison about misdirecting hikers Dean and Fran?ois who by now are hopelessly lost. Diesel says he has to piss which means it?s time for Brody to kneel and become his urinal. He then must suck Diesel?s cock. After which he is taken o to bend over the back of a pickup truck and take the dick anally. It?s a rather weak ending for Disc One.

[Extras on this first disc are an only mildly interesting Behind the Scenes, more cock and ball pounding on Derek from Tony and Tober, more cocksucking of Tober and Tony by Derek, and a Cum Shot Review.}

Disc Two begins with Alex Baresi (a.k.a. Alex Corsi) is driving through the forest when his car breaks down. He?s rescued by the seemingly ubiquitous Dirk Jager who has an ulterior motive for helping the hirsute stud. After getting Alex to suck him off, Dirk ties a boot around Alex?s balls as Alex jerks off.
Not finished, Dirk takes Alex to his lair where?after getting rimmed, fucked, and pissed on?Alex is made to insert a saline solution into his ball sac causing it to swell to the size of a grapefruit. Now with the huge ball sac hanging beneath Alex like the udder on a cow, Dirk punches the swollen scrotum and fists the ballsy hunk.
After the fisting, Dirk pisses on him again.
Back at the car, Dirk fills the radiator with water and Alex goes on his merry way.

The preceding incredible scene is followed by a pleasantly romantic interlude between Dean and Fran?ois. It is the calm before the storm with Dean proving himself a fine cocksman as?after administering a super blowjob?fucks the fortunate Fran?ois.

At the conclusion of their lovemaking they are overcome by the nasty trio of Diesel, C J, and Brody. Dean is strapped naked in a chair and forced to watch the torture and humiliation of his lover Fran?ois. A pole is laid across his shoulders to which his arms are bound. His entire body is encased in ropes. A horses? bit is placed in his mouth. Yet except for the added humiliation of being pissed on his is only fucked by the gang. It must admitted however that Diesel fucks him with a vengeance. The gives Dean a hard on as he watches it all. Whereupon C J releases him, provides him with lube and permits him to jack off. Both Dean and Fran?ois are released and take off, running naked through the woods.
It was a rather stupid trio that basically ignored a gorgeous hunk like Dean. I certainly would not have, and I doubt if any of the viewers would have let him off either. After all the ball torture and fisting of earlier scenes and with Dean left out of the loop the final scene doesn?t have the impact that it should have.
Nevertheless, FEAR is a notable achievement and will no doubt be up for numerous awards. It?s quite a change from our usual fare. Try it.

[More bonus elements are found on Disc Two: An interview with Derek and Tony wherein Derek will not shut up and ?The Tim and Rona Show? that is best avoided. (Rona is a cross between a drag queen and a clown?really off-putting.) Note that the watersports and fisting along with the scrotal inflation are to be found only on the director?s expanded edit. That?s the one you?ll want to go for.]