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Reviewed by   08/02/07 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The title tells all. Bald and burly Brad McGuire finds twenty (actually 23) willing guys to take his uncut prick bareback.
It?s Thursday as the film opens and four naked guys are on their hands and knees, their butts up and waiting for Brad?s stiff dick that is poking out of the side of a red jockstrap.
The first of butts belongs to is Alan Gregory. I like Alan. Although he is still sexy, he is not the beautiful stud he once was. He has let his chest hair grow back (which is good)but he has also with an unshaven face (which is not good). His body is soft now due to lack of toning in the gym. I suppose years of being an insatiable slut take their toll.
Number two is bald J C Cole. Conrad Stevens, another bald stud, is number three. Number four is slender Shane West. Taking less than a minute with each until he gets to Shane, Brad goes down the line inserting his cock in each waiting ass. He pulls out of Shane for Conrad to suck the cock before it goes back into Shane?s ass. It?s out once again for Alan to suck it and again offer his butt.
With Shane piggyback on top of Alan, Brad fucks first one and then the other. J C joins them getting on top of Shane and now Brad has three holes to fuck.
A question appears on the screen: ?Who will get Brad?s first load of juice?? The answer is: They all do. It?s just a tiny bit; but he goes down the line again, inserting his cummy cock in each ass.
Fifteen minutes later (we are told) we find Brad lying on the bed, his cock poking from the leg of his jockstrap is once again hard. Shane sits on the upright cock and rides. Alan follows and jacks off. He scoops up his cum, spreads it on Brad?s cock and sits on the organ?getting his own cum up his butt. Conrad follows and does the same. After J C sits on Brad?s dick, they move into the missionary position where Brad fucks the cum out of him. Conrad is then seen getting fucked in the missionary position until he too cums again.

Brad says he us ready for more so on Friday we find him with the attractive Jason Tyler. They kiss; Brad undresses. Jason sucks Brad?s ready cock and offers up his ass. Brad doesn?t even bother to remove Jason?s jock. He just rims Jason and orders him to back onto his cock. Jason does. It?s a lengthy fuck with Jason a very active bottom. Brad pulls out only to cum and then drives the spooge deep into Jason?s bowels.

On Friday night we find two naked guys on their backs with their legs in the air. They are Christian and Pat Jackson. Brad is joined by handsome Michael Winchester whose lack of pubic hair turns me on. They waste no time in fucking their respective charges. Brad plows into Christian and Michael drives his dick into the willing Pat. Michael is so d he cums immediately, his cum buried in Pat?s ass. Trooper that he is, he keeps on fucking. When Michael (unfortunately) retires from the scene, Pat sis on Brad?s cock while getting sucked by Christian. Then Christian hops onto Brad. As Christian is seated on Brad?s dick, Pat slides his cock up alongside Brad?s to double-fuck him. Then with Christian sitting astride Pat?s cock, Brad squeezes his still stiff rod up Christian?s anal aperture to double-fuck him again. They then take turns pounding Christian?s hole. Afterward as both loads of cum trickle from Christian?s sated ass, Pat sucks some out to share it with the well-fucked lad.

In response to young Toby James? written request we find Brad putting the finishing touches with the clippers to Toby?s scalp. He then sucks Brad?s cock and Brad fucks him. (Neither one removes his jock during the entire scene.)

Now a group comes by (that really should be cums by) to sit on Brad?s dick. One by one?as Brad lies on the bed?each impales himself on the upstanding cock.
The first to sit, ride, and jack off is hairy Franco Dax. After he has cum he licks it up from Brad?s chest.
Next is sexy and heavily tattooed Chris Neal (even his dick has a tattoo). He smears his cum on Brad?s dick to lube it up for the next rider.
This is cute, slender Ian Jay who sports a nose ring. After Ian has shot his load, Dax, leans over to suck it up.
Toby James (remember Toby?) sits on Brad?s face while Dax repositions himself astride Brad?s erection. Toby then sits down on Dax?s upstanding protuberance. When Toby hops off, Ian lowers himself onto Dax and beats off a second load. Then with Dax still stuffed with Brad?s cock it?s Chris Neal?s turn to sit on Dax?s dick. Toby licks up this second load from Chris.
All depart, leaving an exhausted Brad. (Why aren?t my Saturday nights like this?)

On Sunday a fully-recovered Brad goes to a sex club. With everyone bent over, nine asses are awaiting him. Brad goes down the line poking his cock into each waiting ass. These belong to:
Christian (from the Saturday night escapade)
Cute Robby Lopez
Steve Gregor
Elvis lookalike Ivan (he?s the one getting it from Brad on the cover)
Marcello Masko
Dick Damonson (another young guy with a nose ring)
Toby Shelby (who has the dubious honor of being number 20)
Judd (who makes it 21)
As Brad goes down the row fucking their asses, slutpig Christian follows along sucking their cocks and occasionally giving Brad?s cock a lubricating suck.
This done Dick Damonson sits on Brad?s dick while the insatiable Christian sits on Dick?s dick. Elsewhere Judd is fucking Ivan and a full scale orgy is developing. Ivan will go for a ride on Brad?s cock before it?s over.

But even then the film is not over. There is an additional scene with Brad and two well-known porn stars?Drew Peters and Jay Ross. Drew has been around for a while and has always been a popular performer. No longer a twink he has evolved into quite a handsome young man. He has acquired a large tribal tattoo on his arm and part of his chest since I saw him last. (What has driven him into barebacking?) Both he and Jay are fucked by Brad in a variety of positions. With Drew in the missionary position, Brad pulls out, cums, and shoves the cum back into Drew?s hole. Both Drew and Jay will eat cum before the scene is over.

It?s actually a fault of Treasure Island?s films that they are so generous. They give us more than we need and we become somewhat sated before the end. The Brad, Drew, and Jay scene did perk up my interest at the end, but before then I was getting a mite weary. However, the film certainly has its moments.