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Mike Donner Adonis  
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Reviewed by   02/04/06 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The video starts with some country music playing and you almost expect to hear some lyrics by Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw. It also begins with one of my pet peeves---no opening credits of the cast. Caleb played by Sean West is a country boy from Greenboro and his boyfriend Billy played by Andy Kirra open the movie playing with each other throwing a football and running around. Sean is a handsome faced guy with a pudgy midsection. Andy is pretty much an average looking guy. They find a blanket and being making out kissing and rubbing each other?s body. Sean is first to start sucking Andy. Andy reciprocates in sucking Sean. By now the country music playing in the background has changed to a more upbeat type. Andy bends over and Sean goes to licking his ass, and follows it by fucking Andy doggy style. The background scenery during the fucking is pretty awesome. I feel it?s sort of supposed to represent the mountains of Appalachia or Blue Ridge, but it?s definitely a California valley. There is very little verbal exchange between the two. Sean appears to be having trouble keeping his wood and we see Andy take over as the top. Not sure if this was because of Sean?s wood issue or that was how the script was written. Andy finishes fucking, pulls it out and Sean shoots first. Andy appears to have also lost his wood. He keeps stroking, gets it back up and squirts out some cum.

Apparently Caleb/Sean makes the move to California and we get a lot of scenes of Hollywood outdoor icons such as the Hollywood and Beverly Hills signs, etc. He performs in a movie and receives great reviews. He is meeting with Jason, his agent played by Kurt Young. Kurt is in the movie in a non-sexual role. He invites Caleb to his home to hang out by the pool. Caleb arrives and there are five guys hanging out with Jason. One played by Corbin Michaels leaves and Caleb also leaves. The other four move over to the hot tub. They are played by Kyle Aames, a cute blond top, Kris Anthony, a good-looking muscular top, and the two bottoms are Jonathan Gabriel and Jason Longh. Kris is the only non-twink here, but his boyish looks fits in. Two of them sit up on a side of the tub while the other two suck them. The only sound we get is water and background music. The two who hade been sucking bend over on the side wall while the other two rim their asses. Once they have finished the two tops begin fucking the two bottoms doggy style. Now we start hearing some moaning out of them. Both Kyle and Kris give the two bottoms a good drilling. The bottoms flip over on their back for the pounding to continue. Its funny as what one pair does, the other one does the same. The music is starting to drown out what little moaning and grunting they give us. Kris and Kyle shoot first and then Jonathan and Jason let their loads loose.

We get more shots of Hollywood and Caleb is coming out of his apartment to find a few fans wanting his autograph. The scene changes to Jason?s office where Corbin Michaels is trying to explain himself to Jason as to he and Caleb only talking in the driveway when the two of them left Jason?s house earlier. Apparently both of them have fallen in love with Caleb, and neither thinks the other is good enough for Caleb. We get more Hollywood shots.

In the next scene Troy Punk, a hot muscular blond is at a desk and in walks Rod Barry and Mario Cruz. Mario is a hot muscular Latino guy. Rod is pretty much on the opposite side of hot looking. Yes he has a big dick, but very unattractive. During the behinds the scenes footage, we learn the director has pretty much turned over the directing of this scene to Rod and it shows. Troy strips naked and asks the guys if they want to be rich and famous. Corbin Michaels had been with Rod and Mario but declined to join the meeting once Troy stripped. After Corbin exits, Mario and Rod begin kissing and licking on Troy. Mario is first to drop down and start sucking Troy. Rod and him keep kissing longer. Rod later joins Mario on their knees sucking Troy. Change positions and Rod is sitting back in a chair while Mario sucks him and Rod sucks Troy. At this point we keep hearing the gurgling sounds as though these guys dicks are choking each other as their heads are forced down on each other?s dicks. Rod says several times he wants to hear gargling. Sorry Rod, but I don?t find that action appealing in the straight movies nor do I find it a turn on in gay movies. Rod talks like he is in a straight movie always calling Mario bitch. They do a lot of chest slapping among each other. This scene is very aggressive and the action is intense. They do a lot of position changes with Rod and Troy going back and forth laying the desk, kneeling up on it, sucking each other, etc, while Mario keeps sucking them and licking their asses. They don?t stay in any position for very long before changing. They move to Rod on his back and Mario is sucking him while being fucked doggy style by Troy. They change to Mario on his back while Rod fucks him and Mario sucks Troy. With Rod?s dick still pounding away in his ass, Mario delivers the first cum shot. Troy shoots next over Mario?s pecs and Rod follows shooting his sperm over Mario?s dick and groin area.

Back to Jason who is reading a letter from Caleb explaining that he could not deal with everything that was happening and so he was returning home. The scene moves back to Caleb at home in Greenboro. Caleb is reading a book when Corbin Michaels appears behind him. During the course of this scene we see images of Billy replacing Corbin. They do a lot of kissing and the making out session here is quite passionate. They undress and Caleb licks on Corbin?s hot chest and licks his nipples. They undress each other and briefly suck each other?s dick. The move to a 69 position for mutual sucking and then with Caleb licking Corbin?s ass while Corbin continues to suck Caleb. They move to Caleb on his back while Corbin is riding his dick. They do this for a while and then change to fucking on their side. These two work this scene well together. Corbin shoots while Caleb keeps his dick inside him fucking away. Caleb takes his dick out and shoots one solid load of cum. He appears to wake up to see an image of Billy sitting in a chair as if he were watching them and then disappears.

For the finale, Jason is on a chaise lounge being massaged by Billy explaining in the voice background about missing Caleb and waiting for the next one like him. I guess he is hinting that Billy will be his next one.

The extras in this DVD include Behind the Scenes Footage, Bloopers. Scene Galleries, and trailers from four other videos, along with the website info and ?Wrap it Up? announcement.

The video was a slow start with a refreshing storyline to go with it. It was one of those videos that you don?t want to fast forward through because the storyline is worth watching and hearing. A couple of more experienced models thrown into the cast would have increased the action a lot more. The first two scenes are yawners but the final two scenes would make me want to watch this one a second time. The feature performer Sean West is not a buffed guy but something about his look is still sexy to me. I liked the portions of background music that was country. The sexual energy started out slow but picked up in the second half.