Ass Stretcher 02

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Paul Morris Treasure Island Media 110 minutes
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Reviewed by   07/11/07 Source: AdultDVDTalk

As its name implies ASS STRETCHER NO. 2 contains some admirable cocks penetrating willing victims in six no condom scenes. One of these is pretty good; two are just OK; the other three are only so-so.

The first scene is the best of the six. It begins with the muscular Lucas who has tribal tattooing on his arm standing by a bed wherein the sexy Igor is lying covered by a sheet.
?Wanna see my cock?? Lucas asks, throwing back the covers to reveal an enormous cock standing stiff and proud.
Lucas starts giving head. Unable to take more than half in his mouth, he sits on it instead. We cut to a standing Igor and Lucas once again fellating the monster. Then Lucas bends over for more fucking, receiving a hard pounding from the Russian stud. The action then alternates between sucking and fucking as Igor orders first oral and then anal assaults. When the fucking finally moves to the missionary position, Lucas? hole remains open waiting for the return of Igor?s massive prick.
The scene ends with Igor jacking off into Lucas? open mouth. Lucas licks the spunky organ clean.

The second scene features bald Jerry Sterns with black and beautifully-muscled Claude, who also has a long cock. This time the fuck begins in in the missionary position. But like the first scene it?s suck-fuck; suck-fuck. Jerry cums while Claude?s big cock is still pounding his guts.

Scene three is entitled Mario?s Hustlers. We get a close-up of a big stiff black cock before it goes into the bedroom where another black stud is fucking a bald guy (Mario) sidesaddle. Mario takes the new cock in his mouth and then announces that he wants to ?try the big one?. They alternate fucking him. Nobody cums. (This is the film?s poorest scene proving that a m?nage is not always as good as a plain old twosome.)

The action picks up somewhat when Hector does Luis. Luis is an attractive brown kid; Hector is pale with an enormous shwang. As Luis sucks on the towering tool, Hector indifferently puffs on a cigarette. After a standing suck-fuck, Hector goes to get a mattress which he places on the floor. After Hector lies down on the mattress, Luis sits down on the upright dick. He puts his feet on Hector?s knees as Hector bucks up under him, driving the big dick in all the way. It is the hottest camera angle, but unfortunately it is not held for more than a few seconds. (Tsk!) Instead they go back to a mundane doggy fuck. Hector pulls out to cum and then goes right back up Luis? bum.

For the fifth scene Jiggy Mann does Thomas. Jiggy is a big black dude with dreadlocks. Thomas is a cute balding guy who also has a bald cock. Jiggy humiliates him, ordering him about and constantly calling him ?bitch?.
None of the bottoms in this film seem to enjoy it?none are hard in any of the scenes. Thomas gets a semi, but he too never shows he?s really turned on.
?Have him clean your dick,? the cameraman/director says after the fucking. So Thomas goes back to sucking the black cock. (Did Jiggy cum in his ass?)
Jiggy then takes the humiliated Thomas into the bathroom and further debases him by pissing on him.

For the finale Igor (remember Igor?) does Rubin, a cute young black. However, it is an anti-climax.

There are no extras. Surprisingly not even previews.