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  Colt Studios 90 minutes
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Reviewed by   07/12/05 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The Best of Colt 7 & 8

Cast: Ledermeister, Erron, Tom, Dick Trask, Dakota, Denny, Mel Bush, Bill Eld, Bruno, Toby.

Director: Rip Colt

Release date: 1/15/01 (compiled from 1970s films, and ?1987 and 1988)

Length: 98 min. (box cover claims approximately 120 min., which is an overestimate even if the running time of the bonus material is included)

Extras: A slide show (mostly box cover art) and a trailer for The Minute Man Series.

Audio/visual quality: These 8mm films display the expected quirks and charms of their age. Good use has been made of attractive settings and natural light. This film format is silent, but sound effects and limited amounts of vocalizations (including a slightly odd, deeply bass voice) have been dubbed. The score is all instrumental and covers quite a range, from eerie to amusing. I like it, but viewers who disagree can easily turn it off and play something different.

Highlights (Part 7):

1. Ledermeister Ledermeister The hairy, hunky star of part 7 takes a shower, rides his motorcycle in the buff, and strokes himself on a country road. The scene jumps around with no discernible logic, but it's my first glimpse ever of Ledermeister. He looks good. Time: 9:31. Rating: 3.5 stars.

2. Erron Ledermeister Erron, Ledermeister Erron lazes by the pool in torn red briefs while perusing a copy of Olympus. He sees himself in photos with Ledermeister and fantasizes about sex in a rocky wilderness. After his daydream, Erron spreads his cheeks and flirts with the camera. Time: 8:17. Rating: 4 stars.

3. Pool Ledermeister, Erron, Tom The trio of swimmers dive into exuberant oral sex. Ledermeister buries his face in Erron's butt. Time: 7:36. Rating: 4 stars.

4. Oasis Ledermeister, Dick Trask What a crazy scene this is. Two cowboys toss their gear in the truck and hit the dusty trail for a secluded place to caress and fuck. There's a surreal jump to a pool and a lovely bit of 69. Dick puts a saddle on Ledermeister (literally) and proceeds to ride his butt bareback, grinning all the while. Look closely for the sparkling spunk on Dick's stomach at the end. Time: 15:37. Rating: 5 stars.

5. Breakdown Ledermeister, Tom, Erron Ledermeister hitches a ride on Tom's Harley. They first get acquainted with reciprocal cocksucking, then Tom steers while Ledermeister continues to "entertain" himself on the back of the bike. They find Erron stranded by a stalled station wagon. He runs but ultimately can't resist the roguish romance. They all blow each other in the gritty ruins of a stone building and walk away good buddies. Time: 9:46. Rating: 5 stars.

Highlights (Part 8):

1. The Meterman Ledermeister, Dakota A nude Dakota casually hangs his swim trunks on the rail and chats up meterman Ledermeister. Of course this leads to good times, with the viewer catching voyeuristic peeks through windows and doors. They trade caresses and oral sex. Some funny old black-and-white movie footage implies Dakota's climax. Time: 9:47. Rating: 4.5 stars.

2. It's Erron Erron This is everything I want in a solo scene. Artistry, a blissfully appealing subject, and?as an added bonus?a gorgeous ejaculation. Erron's timelessly perfect body is as fine as any modern model's. He makes love to his own reflection, elegantly smearing his boy juice across a large mirror. Time: 7:17. Rating: 5 stars.

3. Stacked Deck Denny, Mel Bush Here's a "less-is-more" loop that's quite sweet. The two lean brunets towel off and get only a little naughty at a Fire Island beach house. I could watch these men all day. Time: 7:39. Rating: 4 stars.

4. The Posing Strap Dick Trask, Bill Eld Two extremely handsome, youthful guys have fun with a teensy mesh g-string. Dick gives Bill a hot blowjob. Bill's orgasm isn't explicit, but the scene totally works for me (and makes me chuckle). Time: 11:44. Rating: 5 stars.

5. Bruno's World Bruno, Toby Toby looks at a nude pictorial of Bruno, and the two men jack off independently until their worlds collide. Bruno drops a shimmering load on his dark belly hair. So beautiful! Time: 15:57. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Thumbs up: I adore the genuine playfulness and humor in these vignettes. Some of the adult movies I like best are Wakefield Poole's Boys in the Sand and Bijou and Joe Gage's L.A. Tool & Die, so these Colt loops are right up my alley. It's wild to think these guys were romping on film when I was just a kid?I'm so grateful it's all been preserved. Oh, and the camerawork in The Best of Colt 7 & 8 is definitely good. Rip Colt has the eye for composition (check out his fine art photographs at, and it's particularly fun to watch Ledermeister whacking off on a motorcycle in motion.

Thumbs down: Some of these movies are quite soft and nonlinear. The editing is?well, it's like watching someone else's dream and trying to make sense of it. Now, I happen to dig this, because it means there are elements of mystery and surprise and, yes, sexual tension. So I actually prefer this type of thing, but viewers who want precondom porn that's less experimental should consider other volumes in this series. Although it's not obvious from the way they're numbered, the loops in The Best of Colt 7 & 8 predate the loops in The Best of Colt 1 & 2. I'll hazard a wild guess that we're talking very early '70s vs. very late '70s. What a difference those 8?10 years make! Parts 1 & 2 have a much more modern aspect, including lots of anal sex, explicit close-ups, a direct momentum, smoother camera technique, slicker editing, and a superior print quality?none of which is the point of parts 7 & 8. The Best of Colt 7 & 8 is for the older farts who know better. And for the younger farts (like me) who prefer smut that challenges?and expands?their expectations.

Themes: Masturbation, pairs, threeways, oral sex (primary theme), rimming, anal sex (limited and not explicit), kissing, undressing, outdoor sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, motorcycles, leather, swimming, cowboys, bodybuilder physiques, body hair (major theme).

Condom use: None (precondom era).

Juice-o-meter: High. These loops are erotic and mood-inducing. Watching them makes me feel extremely good about sexuality in general.

Final analysis: I made the mistake of borrowing The Best of Colt 7 & 8 from a friend. Now I'm going to have to buy my own copy. You should possibly buy one, too.