Johnny Rapid Power Bottom

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Reviewed by   12/15/13 Source: AdultDVDTalk

In ?Door to Door? Johnny Rapid is gathering signatures for an anti-gay measure. Little does he know he stops by Jimmy Johnson?s apartment who doesn?t take to kindly to it and decides to bring the gay out of Johnny. Jimmy wrestles Johnny to the couch and shoves his cock down his throat giving him a deep face fuck before having him strip. Johnny delivers a nice blowjob that gets Jimmy rock hard just right for fucking that twinks hot little ass! Johnny takes it for a ride then straddles the sofa to get fucked from behind taking it nice and deep. Plenty of nice penetration shots of that hairy hole being rammed! It gets even better with Johnny on his back, ass straight up, and Jimmy continues his deep thrusting from above! The scene ends with Jimmy shooting his load all over Johnnys chest just before he drops his own nice load to his belly.

Jimmy?s back and this time he?s paired off with fellow cop, Jack King, who have Johnny in a ?Holding Cell?. Well, the two catch Johnny jacking off and after some words are exchanged the two decide to give Johnny some practice if he was thrown in the ?big house?. Johnny bounces back and forth between their cocks and a couple of nice ones they are! Eventually Jimmy is fucking Johnny from behind as he continues to go down on Jack. ?Wait till you feel this? Jimmy exclaims and then its Jacks turn. The two continue to have their way with him as Johnny lays on top of the desk and takes it from both ends easily. He?s so fucking cute and such a hot bottom! As Jack is pounding away Johnny jerks off and shoots a nice load to his abs as Jack and Jimmy use him as a cum rag and cover him in jizz!

Johnny?s in the middle of receiving head from Duncan Black when in walks Charlie Harding who watches the two before joining them in ?Lessons From My Stepdad?. Duncan goes down on Charlie as Johnny eyes Duncans nice hot hole. It doesn?t happen often but it?s nice to see Johnny topping for a change as he fucks Duncan! So fucking hot as Johnny continues with Duncan on his back while he continues to suck Charlies cock and balls! They switch things up a bit with Johnny now riding Charlie as Duncan blows Johnny. Duncan?s back on his back as Johnny teases his hole with quick tiny thrusts then hard deep ones by Charlies instructions! God it?s hot! It ends with Charlie deep inside Duncan who jacks off onto his chest then Charlie fucks Johnny so that he can jerk off while being fucked as well. Charlie pulls out just in time to spray all over Johnny!

Tyler Hunt team loses in ?The Bet? and gets to fuck around with Johnny. Seems like he won to me! Anyway, I don?t recall seeing Tyler before but what a fucking handsome stud with a body and cock to die for! Fuck he?s hot! It doesn?t take long and he?s out of his clothes and Johnny is devouring that hard cock of his! Lots of sucking ensues getting Tyler all hot and horny and horny for Johnny?s tight ass. Tyler fucks him intensely in a number of positions so much so I thought he was going to have a heart attack! It?s an incredible fuck I will say that! Johnny shoots a great load and with a loud moan Tyler finishes himself off!

Johnny is going through Tommy Defendi?s closet while he?s out on a date with Haigan Sense and just as the two arrive home Johnny hides. Tommy gives head to Haigan before they hear a noise and out Johnny from ?The Closet?. They strip him and a nice threeway ensues. Haigan doesn?t reciprocate in the blowjob department but does deliver a nice fuck to Tommy while him and Johnny 69! What a hot position! Haigan continues fucking Tommy this time doggy style as Johnny crams his cock down Tommy?s throat! Eventually Johnny offers up his ass to Haigan and he takes it from both ends. Johnny rides Tommy and jacks off in the process and once again delivers a nice creamy load! Tommy and Haigan stand above Johnny and jack off letting their cum fly all over the place and him!

Finally in ?Winning Ball? the soccer team, Blaze, Rafael Alenca, Leo Forte, and Brad Foxx, blame goalie Johnny for losing the game. In the locker room the guys get back at him cramming their cocks in his face and making him blow them. It?s Rafael who makes out though fucking the young twink and even getting in a double penetration with one of the other guys! It doesn?t take long before Johnny is shooting his load. He then sits back and lets all the guys shoot all over him and leave him soaking in hot man jizz! So fucking hot!