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The Little Details

Running Time: 122 min.

Production Date: 6 / 11 / 2003

Director: Nick Orleans

Cast: Ann Marie, Ashley Long, Holly Hollywood, Kelly Steele, Kylie Wylde, Mia Smiles, Monica Mayhem, Violet Blue, Ben English, Byron Long, Chris Cannon, Hamilton Steele, Joey Ray, Lee Stone, Rafe, and Sledge Hammer

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Nick Orleans has been putting out some pretty good movies and this one has a pretty darn good cast. I?m looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: The artistic video didn?t always work the best for me, but the scenes are hot enough that I found myself really being drawn into the movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a slightly artistic look and girls in sexy outfits who aren?t afraid to get a little nasty

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting straightforward video

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are on the artistic side. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I don?t think I noticed a single background noise. Some of this is probably due to the music being a bit on the loud side, but I?d rather hear loud well done music than people moving around or the camera. The video is fairly soft due to filters being used, and might turn a few people off. It took a little getting used to for me, but in the end I kind of liked it. There?s a few soft focus blurs and a couple fast pans, but for the most part it?s nicely done.

Music: The music has a slight dance feel to it that works very well for the movie. It?s often on the loud side, but it often enhances the scenes rather than interfering with them.

Menus: The main menu is pretty good. It blends a bit of animation with the boxcover for a nice first impression. The chapter menu is also pretty good, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the title for the scene.

The Feature

As he frequently does, Nick Orleans goes for style with Total Exposure. Each scene has an artistic theme to it that often includes lingerie and stockings. The girls often give the camera little show before getting it on with their partner(s).

Scene 1 - Kelly Steele, Hamilton Steele, and Rafe

Busty redhead Kelly starts Every Woman?s Dream off giving the camera a nice little tease and working on her holes with a pair of dildos. After a bit she?s joined by Rafe, who?s knob she gobbles right away. Hamilton shows up shortly afterwards, and Kelly happily works his cock over with her mouth as well before letting him fuck her. One cock isn?t enough for Kelly, so she has the guys double team her cowgirl style. She takes a break for a little reverse cowgirl anal action before letting the guys DP her again. Finally Kelly has the guys stroke themselves into giving her a nice facial.

This is a pretty hot scene. The camera work and artistic feeling interferes with things fairly good, but there?s no doubt as to whether or not Kelly?s really into the action. She puts in plenty of energy, and she and Hamilton keep the trash talking going extremely well. Although the artistic feeling held the scene back, Kelly and Hamilton?s enthusiasm make this a great scene to start things out with.

Scene 2 - Holly Hollywood and Kylie Wylde

Holly and Kylie make their way to a couch in Women Squirt and tease the camera a little as it makes it way behind some plants and flowers. Kylie helps Holly to strip down before working her over with her tongue and fingers from behind. Holly turns around and lies back so Kylie can get at her clit while working on her before having Kylie lay back so she can eat her neatly shaven pussy. Holly gives Kylie plenty of lustful eyes as she licks, rubs, and fingers her pussy, and then moves on to fuck it with a double dong. Kylie lets go with a nice little squirt, and after a little more fucking with the toy lets go with another burst. Holly answers with a squirt of her own when she lets Kylie work on her pussy with the toy, and follows it up with a second moments later after an editing cut.

This is an above average scene. The camera work at the start didn?t do anything for me, as it gave the scene an early artistic feel that seemed like it was going to ruin any sexuality that was going to come. Thankfully Holly and Kylie were into each other enough that I was able to get into the scene pretty well. The girls look like they?re having fun, but there is a whisper of doubt in my mind for the squirts. This is a pretty hot scene.

Scene 3 - Ann Marie, Monica Mayhem, and Ben English

In Nylon, Monica lets Ann admire her ass before they sit down so Monica can diddle herself before Ann works her over with her tongue. Monica returns the favor with her tongue and fingers before Ben appears and starts working on Monica?s twat from behind. The girls team up to work on Ben before he and Monica give Ann her turn full of oral pleasures. Ben moves on to fuck Monica from behind before letting Ann ride him in the cameraman favorite reverse cowgirl. She turns around for a little cowgirl fucking, and finally lets him pop between her and Monica?s faces as they diddle themselves.

This is a pretty hot scene. Both Ann Marie and Monica really seem to be into the scene, but it feels a bit odd because the focus shifts from Monica to Ann halfway through the scene. This actually makes it stronger, as Ann turns out a much better performance than Monica, but it does seem a bit odd. There?s also a bit of an odd feeling from the camera work. The camera angles often feel skewed and look like their aim is a little off. It interfered with the scene a few times for me, and although the scene ended up being pretty hot, it felt like it could have been better.

Scene 4 - Violet Blue and Joey Ray

Violet starts American Girdle out in a cute black bra, girdle, shoes, and nude stockings in the bathroom. She strips down seductively for the camera and teases it a little before attacking Joey?s cock as it magically appears in front of her. She gives him great eyes and some nice tongue action, as well as plenty of Mmmmmmm?s before letting Joey reciprocate on her pussy with his tongue and fingers as she sits on the edge of the bathtub. When Violet?s ready, Joey stands up and starts fucking her. He lets her stand up as they fuck, and then bend over so he can fuck her shitpussy doggie style. Violet also gets up and bounces her ass on Joey?s cock reverse cowgirl style before she lies back and lets him pop all over her pretty little titties.

This is a darn hot scene. Violet looks hot as hell in her outfit, and plays to the camera just right. Her eyes really shine in this scene, and help to give the scene plenty of chemistry. The softer look to the scene and camera angles give the scene a touch of class that matches Violet?s outfit, and the anal just seems all the nastier because of it. I really like this scene!

Scene 5 - Ashley Long, Byron Long, and Sledge Hammer

The Hunger begins with Ashley laying back on a couch and fucking her pussy with a long vibe. Byron moves in to tongue her twat while Sledge plays with her tits and caresses her a little before Ashley returns their oral favors sucking them both at once. Since Byron put the first effort into pleasuring Ashley down under, he gets to fuck her from behind first while Ashley continues to work on Sledge orally. She also works on Sledge, riding him cowgirl style, before letting Byron join in on her ass to give her a double dose of dark dick. Finally, Ashley gets down on her knees to let the guys splatter her face with their testicular tonic.

This is a pretty hot scene. Ashley really looks to get into it, and makes nasty sex look natural and easy. The camera work, however, left me a little disappointed. It has a soft feel, which is okay, but it feels a little off. It has quite a few close-ups, but some of them just feel a little odd. This is a hot scene, but the style might interfere with some people?s enjoyment of the action.

Scene 6 - Mia Smiles and Chris Cannon

Sweet Treat fins Mia wearing a red plaid skirt, a black top, and black knee high boots with clear heels as Chris makes his way up her leg with soft kisses. He finally stops at her tits, and after kissing it a little grabs a cherry. He lets Mia have a taste of it and plays around her nipple with it before swallowing it and giving her tit a little more suckling. He brings out a pastry bag with some frosting next for her nipples, as well as the rest of her front. Chris makes his way down to Mia?s pussy and gives it a little tongue and finger action before pouring what appear to be red hots over her body. Chris leaves Mia all sweetened up as she sucks his cock with a little help from the pastry bag of frosting, and then gives it to her missionary style. Mia turns around so Chris can take her doggie style before getting down and letting him pop on her tongue.

I?m not a big fan of food play, but Mia and Chris made it work quite well for me. They look like they?re having a lot of fun with it, and there?s no doubting the chemistry between them. This is perhaps the nicest thing to see for me, as there are so many times when the chemistry just doesn?t come out between real life couples in front of the camera. They keep the scene moving along quite well, and if anything the tease might have lasted a little too long for me due to my not really caring for food play. This is a nicely done scene with plenty of playful passion.

Scene 7 - Ann Marie and Lee Stone

Ann Marie finishes up Total Exposure with some Red Hot Burning. She starts out in a sexy black dress with hot stockings and black shoes that she opens up to reveal a fantastic rack as she leans against the doorway between the kitchen and living room. She?s magically joined by Lee, who drops to one knee to eat her and then keeps eating her as he stands up and slides her up the wall. When he finally lets her loose, Ann Marie drops to her knees and enthusiastically takes Lee into her throat while also giving him some fantastic intense looks as well as a few fun smiles. She bends over the center island for Lee to fuck her from behind, and gives him plenty of verbal encouragement. Ann Marie rolls over to let Lee take her missionary style on the cooktop before they move to the floor for a little action in both cowgirls so the camera can eat up all of Ann Marie?s fantastic figure. Finally, Ann Marie sucks Lee?s balls while he gives himself a hand until he spews his seed on her face.

This is a pretty darn hot scene. Ann Marie is very hard not to like, both as a performer and a person. She plays to the camera great to start things out, and never seems to let up when Lee joins her. She?s energetic and vocal, but never lets it feel faked. They move nicely around the kitchen and keep the pace up quite well throughout the scene. Ann Marie and Lee help Total Exposure to end on a high note.

Nick Orleans movies are often hit or miss for me. Total Exposure is one that hits big time. I love his sense of style in the movie, even though it did get in the way of the sexuality of the scenes here and there. There were also a few times when it seemed to enhance the sexuality of the scenes, and some of the scenes even worked better for me here than they did when I saw them in some of Adam & Eve?s compilation releases. Violet Blue?s scene is easily one of my favorites here, but Ann Marie doing a job that comes in a close second in both of her scenes. As for weaker performances, that one?s hard to judge. Monica Mayhem might give the weakest performance in the movie in my opinion, but the style of the camera work is such that I can see it affecting the scenes for many people. Although Nick Orleans? artistic leanings might hold Total Exposure back for many people, there?s enough good stuff in here that I can?t help but recommend it.

The Extra Stuff

Bios are included for Ann Marie, Violet Blue, Monica Mayhem, Mia Smiles, Holly Hollywood, Ashley Long, Joey Ray, Lee Stone, and Chris Cannon. Trailers are included for Adult Stars at Home 2, Naked Hollywood 1: Faking It, and Sex Across America Seventh Stop: Los Angeles. The photo gallery contains about two dozen snapshots. You advance through them manually, and it moves just a little slower than a Democrat does to give tax money back to the people that pay it. There?s also a behind the scenes featurette, a bonus scene, and weblinks.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about fifteen minutes. Hamilton and Rafe start things out talking about working together before rather than working with each other before. The featurette moves along with a big of the scene being shot before moving on to Kylie Wilde working on Holly. Next up, Monica, Ann Marie, and Ben prep themselves a little before shooting some of their scene. Ann Marie returns for the second day and poses for a few stills and has a little fun showing off some of what she learned in yoga class. Violet shows off a little next before Ashley gets ready for her DP. Finally, there?s a little footage of Chris and Mia?s scene that shows just how much they were into each other.

This is an above average behind the scenes featurette. You get some of the fun on the set, but at the same time there was a fair amount of dialogue that was covered up by the music. Sometimes this wouldn?t mean much, but there?s some real characters here that are normally a lot of fun and cutting them out just seems wrong.

Bonus Scene - Nikita Denise and Julian

The bonus scene comes from Jewel De?Nyle?s Wild Ride. Julian puts the pool table to the required porn movie use by having Nikita get up there so he can tongue her twat before letting her down to see how much of his cock she can take down her throat. She gets back on the pool table for Julian to fuck her missionary style, but trades places with Julian when it?s time for her facial. It?s a pretty good scene, but it seems so stereotypical that it never got much above average.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, masturbation, anal, group, double penetration, lesbian, squirting, toys, tease, interracial, and food play

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: 100%

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Adam & Eve?s DVDs can be found online for between $8 and $25, with several stores offering them for around $15. At the low end, this one?s a great buy. It might be a little artistic for some, but there?s plenty of heat and a bit of nastiness to go along with it. The technical aspects are nicely done but artistic, and there?s some good effort put into the extras. This is a nicely put together DVD.

Note to Adam & Eve: Nice job here! The only thing that?s really missing would be a nice cast listing by scene.

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