Gay Office 03, The

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Reviewed by   01/03/13 Source: AdultDVDTalk

When Parker London gets asked to work the weekend and can?t make it to Vegas bachelor party his coworker, Derrick Vinyard offers to help out in exchange for some ?Alternative Payment?. Parker drops to his knees and Derrick fucks his mouth and instructs him to suck his balls. It?s a decent enough suck but when Derrick gets tired of that he bends ol? Parker over the desk so he can cram that big rod of his deep in his ass! The action at times seemed a bit overdramatic but it was still fun watching these two studs go at it! Especially when Parker rode him and his own big cock bobbed up and down and all over the place! Parker works up a sweat before the two move to the floor and Derrick continues to plow his ass missionary as Parker jacks himself off. Parker begs for it as Derrick rams him nice and hard just before the two shoot some nice loads!

Boston Miles hot as hell as has a ?First Time Meeting? with the equally attractive Leo Forte. The two discuss business over some espresso all the while giving each other the ?eye?. It doesn?t take long before the two are lip locked and making out on the hotels sofa. The two move to a suite where they can really explore each other. Leo lies back on the bed and looks so fucking hot lying there in his suit as Boston works over his cock! Leo returns the favor as the two work themselves up into a frenzy moaning and groaning with delight! Boston rolls over and Leo takes a shot at his ass with his tongue and buries his face between his cheeks! He really goes at it and just can?t seem to get enough! It all leads up to Boston getting fucked every which way but loose! A nice surprise finds the two flip flopping and Boston filling Leo?s hole! Leo shoots a nice load all over Boston?s chest as he rides his cock then gets off to let Boston finish himself off leaving him covered in jizz! My only fault with the scene is the hue seemed a bit to reddish which made it a bit dark otherwise nice shots and action!

Sexy dark haired, bearded Damien Stone loses a candidate for a position due to the fact that Cavin Knight is under his desk delivering his own ?Oral Interview?. The two reverse positions but Cavin doesn?t seem to get as turned on and is a bit soft down below. Luckily it doesn?t last long and Damien pushes Cavin up against the desk and fucks him from behind! Damien?s got a great cock and puts it too good use! Nice shots from overhead as he pounds away hard and deep! I?m telling you Damien looks so fucking good, slightly revealing that hairy chest with his shirt and ramming his partner! Cavin does manage to shoot a real nice load high onto his chest just before Damien pulls out and drops his load all over his inner thigh!

Lex Sabre is leaving his office as a painter, Bo Dean, is getting ready to work. While he?s stepped out the rugged hunk Bo finds all kinds of sex paraphernalia in his desk drawer, in ?Snooping Around?. He especially takes a liking to a Fleshjack. When Lex realizes he?s forgot his phone and heads back he catches Bo just in the midst of trying out the fun toy! Lex says the real mouth?s better so Bo takes him up on the offer! Nice to see a real rugged, tattooed hunk be nice and gentle as the two kiss, caress, and strip each other! So fucking hot! Lex worships the studs chest and abs and tugs at the 8? thick dick before wrapping his lips around it! I think I?ve just found my favorite pairing! Bo was really getting me hard! The more I watched the harder I got! Lex works his cock up and down with his tongue and really knew how to service him and great camera shots as he did! Nice quiet dirty talk as Lex just continued to work him over. Eventually Lex gets up, brief cock play, then Bo goes down and kisses Lex?s belly as he strokes and briefly licks him. Bo straddles the desk and tells Lex to ?suck that hole?, doesn?t take any arm twisting here! I love sucking and watching a good blowjob scene and there?s plenty of that here! Eventually Bo slowly slides inside him, nice shot from underneath, and begins to fuck the young stud! It?s a nice fuck that ends missionary again and Lex squeezes out a nice creamy load that drips down his hand. With a nice moan Bo drops a load onto the desk!

One of my favorite performers, Phenix Saint is an ?Unqualified? applicant to hiring manager Christopher Daniels. But Phenix?s enclosed modeling photos seem to entice Christopher in more ways than one! Phenix tells him he?ll do whatever it takes to get the job and that?s when Christopher?s cock pops out! Another scene that got me turned on right off the bat as I watched the adorable Phenix chow down on that piece of meat! Unfortunately this scene was just a tad dark, although still enjoyable! Phenix works over Christopher?s mushroom head then goes to work on his nut sack lapping at every inch! Christopher undresses the stud kisses his chest and works his way down between Italian/Mexican?s legs. It all leads up to Phenix lying on top of the desk and Christopher riding him face to face only taking time out to kiss. It?s a helluva ride and Phenix fucks like a wild man! I could watch him for hours and it seemed like at one point he was going to! Eventually, after quite a workout the two spill their seed! Hot!