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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate) 131 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/05/13 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The adorable Tyler Sweet decides to pull a joke on his hot teacher Rocco Reed in ?Chemistry Prank?. After the two joke about it Tyler goes down on Rocco and gets him nice and hard! I have to say Rocco looks hotter than hell and sports a great looking cock! He then bends Tyler over the desk and slowly slides into him and begins pumping that boy?s tight ass. The two continue on the desk with Tyler riding Rocco face to face and back to front. Nice looking penetration shots abound! It?s really a nice fuck that ends with Tyler on his back, one leg in the air, as Rocco continues to ram his sweet ass. Tyler lets out a loud yell as he sprays all over himself just as Rocco pulls out and lets loose a thick, white, gooey mess!

Cutie Tyler Sweet is back in ?Blackmail 2? and decides the only way he?ll get on the football team and have an easy season is if he seduces coach Atlas (Zeb) and uses that to his advantage. Damn every time I see Zeb I think he gets bigger and bigger! He?s massive! Anyway, he doesn?t fall for Tyler?s trick but doesn?t say no to having his way with him anyway. After worshipping Zeb?s pecs Zeb unleashes his ?love muscle? and Tyler takes every inch down his throat. A desk is used as a prop once more with Tyler lying on top of it and Zeb fucking his mouth getting Tyler?s gag reflex going! A unique position finds Zeb holding Tyler upside down in the air as the two 69! Fun! All this leads to an intense round of fucking in all kinds of positions that gets pretty vocal. Tyler shoots a nice load while taking a beating from Zebs cock just before he pulls out and shoots.

Mike Di Marko all nerdy looking talks to his college roommate the sexy Landon Conrad about how down he feels in ?He?s All That?. Landon tells him it?s the way he dresses and offers him a change of clothes. Mike strips down, already sporting a nice bulge, and puts on some sexier clothes. Whoops! He forgot the sexy briefs. He strips down again and unleashes a massive hardon! Landon takes a liking to that of course and the two begin to make out! God Mike looks fucking hot and is hard as a rock! Landon works over his cock and balls as Mike lies back and enjoys every minute. Not wanting to miss out Landon whips out his rock hard cock and Mike takes a turn on him before turning him over and burying his face in his ass! The two get all horned up and Landon shoves his cock deep inside Mike from behind. Nice shots from underneath as Landon delivers a fast and furious fuck! With plenty of moans and groans Landon pounds away and works up a sweat! The two seemed a bit over the top and it came across a bit like they were just going through the motions but they?re both hot nonetheless! Landon fucks the cum out of him just before pulling out and letting his jizz fly!

Zeb and Mike are both back and this time Mike is ?Learning About Infidelity?. Mike walks over to the teachers desk and the two converse about the subject. ?Is that why you?ve been eye fucking me all semester?, Mike says, and the next thing you know their lips are locked and the clothes come off. Mike works his way down Zeb?s massive chest before settling on his hard dick. Dirty talk ensues as Mike gets his mouth fucked by the big hulk of a man. I?m generally not a big fan of Zeb but here he delivered! After a nice face fuck to Mike the two 69 and the sucking was great! Eventually Mike gets put over the desk and his ass gets worked over big time! A nice fuck ensues in all kinds of positions with lots of great shots before Zeb shoots all over Mikes cock then he uses it as lube to jack himself off. Mike delivers a nice load this time around!

Finally we have ?Sex Ed? with Adam Killian and Bryce Star to hotties in my book! Professor Adam puts on a sex video and it doesn?t take long before Bryce is yanking his crank which of course catches the attention of Adam who?s got his own man meat erect! Well the lights go back on and Bryce goes to work on Adam. I don?t know why, maybe because of all the precious scenes, or the fact that Bryce is one helluva cocksucker but I got pretty hard myself! Bryce didn?t seem too hard while Adam was servicing him but things picked up once Adam started fucking him from behind! With guttural growls Adam delivers an intense fuck that gets Bryce moaning and groaning. Some nice positions and shots once again until the two bust a nut!

I enjoy the series no matter what they are and this was no exception. My only qualms were I?m not a huge Zeb Atlas fan and he was in two scenes. Tyler Sweet and Mike Di Marko on the other hand I could watch them all day! Anyway, some straight up man on man sex. The scenes were similar in action but once in a while they mixed things up with some unusual positions. Going to go jack off now!