Young Bare Back Bunns

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Blue Pictures 70 minutes
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Reviewed by   05/19/07 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Young is the operative word here as these young uncut teens are barely legal. They fuck like rabbits and have a considerable taste for their partner?s cum.

As the film opens a young pup with a short haircut enters the bathroom. As he showers a cute blond enters to brush his teeth. Brushing over he joins the other in the shower. He drops down and sucks briefly on the other?s limp dick before turning him around to examine his posterior.
?Nice ass,? he observes, and then returns to sucking until he has the cock stiff and proud.
His dick gets sucked too as well as his hairy balls.
Our young intruder then eats out his buddy?s ass and?with the help of a finger?gets his cock inside. After a very brief time we are surprised to find this young intruder now bending over and uttering those magic words ?fuck me?. He then returns to topping. There?s little finesse to these young fuckers here and elsewhere. They just bang away with all the impetuosity of youth.
This young intruder unloads in his buddy?s mouth and gets a face full of boy cream himself before licking the spent dick clean.

A pretty brunet joins a short-haired cutie in the sauna and uses his mouth to bring the other?s dick to life. His skill pays off and his own cock springs to life?and it?s a big one. The other strokes it while continuing to get head.
The brunet?s big one now gets some lip service that evolves into some mild face-fucking before the brunet?s tongue prepares the way for the cock to go in that end.
?Oh, you?re the best!? the fuckee utters.
They stop only to change positions from doggy to sidesaddle. The brunet cums on his friend?s face and gets his cock sucked clean. He then gets a similar facial from his friend.

Another pretty brunet is taking a bubble bath. He is joined by adorable blond in a cute hat who joins him in the tub. (Naked but with hat.) Our bather offers the blond a stiff dick which he accepts and sucks away eventually removing his hat. We also discover that the blond is not a natural blond, but as he is pretty and has a big piece of uncut meat between his legs?who cares? His bath buddy soon has the big dick at full mast before the blond returns to slurping down the other?s fuck-rod which he soon takes up the ass.
The furious fuck ceases so that the fucker can become the fuckee. The blond drives his big cock deep into his former fucker?s bowels.
?Ah, ah, ah? the recipient exclaims gingerly.
The blond is the first to get a mouthful of boy cream. He then gives the other a healthy feeding.

Alone in bed we find a handsome youth sleeping. Two cute twinks enter?a brunet and a shaggy haired cutie. They uncover the sleeping youth and begin to feast on is somnolent form. The brunet concentrates on the nipples and the shaggy haired youth takes on the prick.
The sleeper awakes. His nipples and hairless cock are both erect from the sucking. The brunet on his nipples is a master of the oral arts. The one on his dick is no slouch either. Now as he goes to work on the testicles, the nippleman goes to work on the cock. At which point the ballsucker now feeds his own equally hairless dick to the former sleeper. He then goes down on the brunet , his former suck partner, who?I am not surprised to discover?has no pubic hair like the others. (The lack of pubic hair on these three makes them appear to be only twelve or thirteen. I like chicken but not when they appear to have just come out of the egg.)
With the shaggy haired youth now returning to the former sleeper?s cock, the brunet eats out Shaggy?s ass. (His tongue is as talented here as it was on the sleeper's nipple.) But is the sleeper he fucks (in the missionary position) and sucks Shaggy?s cock. The sleeper?s hairy legs are in startling contrast to his shaved armpits and crotch.
Shaggy removes his cock from the brunet?s mouth and crosses behind him to insert it into his ass. The brunet is now both fucking and getting fucked. (What we used to call ?Lucky Pierre?.)
But Shaggy is not to be left out of the fun as he gets a stiff one up the butt before it?s over,
Cum facials and um eating end the scene. No one is left hungry.

Remember the adorable blond in the bubble bath? We now find him playing the organ (the one with keys that makes music). The youth who was taking a shower in scene one enters and the blond switches organs.
His own organ gets some mouth-play as well. They move over to a sofa where the sucking of the blond continues to a chorus of ?O yes, O yes, O yes?. This goes on for some time before the blond gets up to lick the other?s asshole. A gouging finger facilitates the entry of his big cock which by now the other is begging for.
Soon it is the blond?s turn to bottom and the chorus of ?O, Yes? is resumed. It concludes with the blond seated on the other?s cock in a wild ride.
As always, cum facials and feasting follow.

Well photographed and with the attractive participants seeming to enjoy the activity. It is a pity though that the participants are not identified and that the names on the cover do not jibe with those at the film?s conclusion.
YOUNG BAREBACK BUNNS is a good film. However it is definitely for ?Puppyphiles? only.