Out in Public 03

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Rent Out in Public 03 DVD
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  Big Daddy 80 minutes
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Reviewed by   07/10/12 Source: AdultDVDTalk

First up one of the "regulars" Captain gets coaxed into picking up a guy in a mini-mart. They're both pretty cute, college boy types, and Captain has a pretty awesome cock! Needless to say it doesn't take long before the customer is down on his knees and taking that long, hard cock deep down his throat. I can just hear it now, "clean up on aisle 2!" Well that doesn't happen as the guys almost get caught and run out to the parking lot. The two continue outside and after a lengthy suck session Captain then fucks him from behind. It was pretty out in the open as cars were speeding by and it was pretty hot! It ends with Captain shooting a fucking huge load across his fuck buddy that leaves him drenched in jizz!

Cameraman Joey tells his boy Spencer to pick up this guy who's on his way to get something to eat at a strip mall. Again the two are both decent looking and they head to an abandoned garage around the corner. Spencer begins blowing the dude who's got a great build but takes a bit for him to get hard. But once he does it's a massive cock! The action follows the same pattern, a brief suck session then onto some good ol' fashioned fucking! Spencer takes the guy for a ride and ends with the guy standing over him. With a loud moan sprays all over Spencer as he lies on the floor. Just as the two begin to get dressed a guy chases them down the street as the cameraman laughs.

"Window Shopping" finds the cameraman looking for some windows with his cute blonde at a home construction store. Well, lo and behold the run into another customer named "Alex" who steadies the blonde on a ladder. Well, he gets offered some quick cash to get blown so off they go. Boy, all these guys have some great cocks I'll give them that and if I ever got approached I'd be more then happy to suck them! The camera shots are pretty decent for an amateur flick, a bit jerky at times, but that just adds to the "reality" of it. The blonde gets an ok facial to the side of his face then Alex gets his spent cock licked clean before being chased away.

Finally a "blue collar" type picks up an Asian gay guy named Nico who's passing by. The dude claims he's got a big cock and that's all that Nico needs to hear, besides making a couple hundred bucks. There's a bit more banter this time around but eventually the two make their way to the backside of a home where they begin to get it on. The dudes got a nice, thick,curved cock Nico takes a liking to! Generous amounts of sucking with some nice shots from the side, underneath, and overhead. It ends with Nico sitting on top of the dude and pumps up and down face to face. The dude gets into it and begins stroking Nico a little as the two continue to fuck. With his mouth wide open Nico gets a nice mouthful of cum before the dude crams his cock in his mouth for a few final pumps!

Overall I'd say this was an average amateur fuck flick. I did get turned on a couple of times especially in the beginning but towards the end the action just seemed a tad monotonous. Some of these guys I could see doing more professional features for sure! Nice looks and big cocks that they know how to use! It's the first I've seen one of these "Out in Public" and I'd give another a shot but could see how they could be mundane after a while unless they spiced things up a bit with more reciprocation or more outrageous locales.?

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