Holier Than ThouJoe Shaver11/10/2006
Meat PackingJoe Shaver08/27/2006
French Connections 01: TemptationJoe Shaver07/19/2006
Side EffectsJoe Shaver02/25/2006
Fuck Holes 01Joe Shaver02/06/2006
Star Crossedwizzerbud02/04/2006
Total Exposure 01astroknight01/16/2006
Bed Heads 01Jay12/10/2005
110 In TucsonJoe Shaver08/02/2005
Best of Colt 07 and 08YogaDame07/12/2005
OutlawsGabriel Nine04/10/2005
Mass Appeal 02astroknight12/11/2004
Sailor in the WildJoe Shaver10/16/2004
Personal Trainers 05Boner Bud10/10/2004
Dawson's 20 Load WeekendBoner Bud10/04/2004
DetentionBoner Bud09/12/2004
Plantin' Seed 01Joe Shaver09/08/2004
Boy SweatJoe Shaver07/18/2004
Single Handed (Disc 1)YogaGrrl03/30/2004
Bone IslandRobHammer02/03/2004
Ryker's WebNetguy12/28/2003
Man's Tail, AJoe Shaver11/29/2003
Ryker's WebJoe Shaver09/14/2003
Under the Big TopJoe Shaver08/19/2003
Link 2 LinkBillyJizz07/10/2003
Breeding Mike O'Neillfolkyboy05/27/2003
Casting Couch 02astroknight05/07/2003
Sailor In Sydney, AJoe Shaver04/19/2003
Bringing Out Brotherfolkyboy04/01/2003
Jacked to Vegasfolkyboy03/22/2003
Playing With Fire 02PlayfulXXX01/13/2003
Steele RangerJoe Shaver10/12/2002
Idol Countrydumblonde08/24/2002
Criminal IntentJoe Shaver08/01/2002
Male Talesdumblonde05/12/2002
Tales From The FoxholeTouchDown Tony02/25/2002
Playing With Fire 02TouchDown Tony01/26/2002
Intensity 01joeblow6901/02/2002
How The West Was HungTouchDown Tony11/11/2001
Devil Is A Bottomjoeblow6910/29/2001
Steele Rangerjoeblow6910/16/2001
Tales From The FoxholeGaySatyr06/29/2001
How The West Was HungGaySatyr06/28/2001
Best of Colt 03 and 04joeblow6903/18/2001
In The FleshDraken07/30/2000
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